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Lawrence O'Donnell: What A Dirtbag

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  1. Thank you Lawrence for telling it like it is. The 99% movement stands behind you 100% for taking these lying right wing extremists to task. They are all phonies and lying through their teeth. They are funded by the Koch brothers. They do not care about the middle class, the poor and the disabled. They want to give tax breaks to the rich and big corporations, screw the middle class, ruin the economy, pollute our water and air. Thanks again Lawrence for having the balls to call these bastards out. If only the American people were paying attention.

  2. Palin….Trump…Bachmann…Romney…Perry…Cain…Christie…Walker…and you call us ass licking?

    Shheeessshh….Put ‘em all together and you might get 1/2 of Obama’s Cerebrum!


    Please Michelle “my eyes are staring through GOD into your soul ” Bachmann…

    Please run, we/re begging you…


    It’ll be the largest landslide victory since Johnson (a Democrat) over Goldwater:

    Lyndon Johnson’s 61.1% to Barry Goldwater’s 38.5% in the 1964 presidential election…

    Second is Roosevelt (again, a Democrat, is anyone else besides me noticing a pattern here?) over Landon:

    Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 60.8% to Alf Landon’s 36.5% in the 1936 presidential election

    Mo wonder your all so angry and carry guns…

    I’d be pissed off too if I lost 61-39 ouucchhh…


  3. Hey DJ, you f”ing genius…1/2 of 1% of all Americans so action in Afghanistan or Iraq…again..that’s 1/2of 1%…

    How can you possibly comment “This BS infuriates me”


    Because you we’re lame enough to go?

    Those of us who are pacifists, atheists and pecae lovers all agree…

    Ours is the courageous choice…

    Any asswipe can take “orders”

    Didn’t you ever see the Bill Murray/harold Ramis movie stripes?



    Lemme guess, these are your “heros?”


    1-2-3-4 I love Marine Corps!

  4. Liberal And Proud

    Palin….Trump…Bachmann…Romney…Perry…Cain…Christie…Walker…and you call us ass licking?

    Shheeessshh….Put ’em all together and you might get 1/2 of Obama’s Cerebrum!


  5. Why is it that every Democrat or Liberal is not afraid to post their names but every Republican is?

    And you’re the ones all claiming BS about your “guns”

    Embarrassing for you…eh?

    • Anonymous; expect us


      I’m a Tea Party protester who wearing a Native American disguise: “Donning disguises that made them look like they were Native Americans, a large group of the Sons of Liberty on December 16 stormed aboard those three unsuspecting British ships and dumped 342 crates full of tea overboard.”

      I cannot trust a number of the conservative characters around here. These people are like 13 year old teenagers experimenting with swear words, regularly using descriptors like “ass-licking libtards.” What they’re doing here is something apart from healthy exchange of communication and information. I have no interest in providing any personal information about myself into a venue that does not care about policing itself.

  6. On Washington Journal (C-Span) this morning a Millionaire was asked about the Cain 999 idea.

    He was talking to students at a high school in Lawrence, Nebraska.

    He made it VERY plain that Cain’s plan would be VERY EASY on his income level while putting minimum wage – or lower end earners – at a HUGE disadvantage.

    I agree.

    If someone who has to spend every penny of their income on food, medical, rent, etc. then they would be paying far more in taxes – and left with zero money to work with, while the wealthy would still have ‘multiple Hundreds of Thousands of dollars’ left after spending on exactly the same things (daily expenses).

    Does anyone here REALLY feel that would be fair to those at the low end of the income ladder??

    9% of $30,000 = $2700, leaving that family with $27,300 for a family of four.

    9% of $1,000,000 = $90,000 leaving that family with $910,000 for the family.

    Now take another 9% sales tax on that $27,300 would leave that family with $24,570 to feed, house, clothe, educate, buy health insurance, heat the home, operate an auto to get back and forth to work and ALL other expenses!!

    OK, now take 9% sales tax on (lets say the millionaire spends every penny of his $910,000 for the very same things), that 9% would still only total $81,900. So the high wage earner can actually claim $828,100 to use for all expenses.

    Having $828,100 for every Million of income seems to me much easier to work with than the $24,570 for the low wage earner.

    Clearly these Republican’s are IDIOTS (Ideological Douche Imbeciles Offering Tedious Shit)…

    I’m with Lawrence, Zoe, Timothy, Scott, and Jonathan….

  7. Jonathan M Seidl

    I must state unequivocally, I agree with Scott, Zoe and Timothy…and disagree with those afraid to use their names (“Bossman” and “DJ” …BTW, you sure that isn’t BJ?)

    On Lawrence O’Donnell:

    There’s a lot I could say regarding the back-and-forth interview Thursday night between Lawrence O’Donnell and Herman Cain.

    A lot.

    But I’ll focus on one thing: O‘Donnell’s smug accusations that Cain sat on the “sidelines” during the Civil Rights Movement and Cain’s response.

    Oh boy — here we go.

    (Shock poll: Cain beating Romney, Obama)

    Let‘s start with Mediaite’s explanation of the exchange:

    O’Donnell and Cain talked about so much more, as well, from a passage in Cain’s book where he describes “staying out of trouble” rather than directly participate in the civil rights movement, to Cain’s military service.

    O’Donnell, in fact, openly admonished Cain for his lack of participation in the movement — which, obviously, did not sit well with Cain one bit. “Did you expect every black student and every black college in America to be out there in the middle of every fight?

    The answer is no.”

    That’s a good start.

    But there’s also plenty of of other quotes to work in.

    Like this one from O’Donnell:

    “Mr. Cain, in fact you were in college from 1963 to 1967, at the height of the Civil Rights Movement, exactly when the most important demonstrations and protests were going on.

    You could easily, as a student at Morehouse [College]…actively participated in the kinds of protests that got African-Americans the rights they enjoy today.

    You watched from that perspective at Morehouse when you were not participating in those processes…black college students form around the country and white college students from around the country come to the South and be murdered fighting for the right of African-Americans.

    Do you regret sitting on those sidelines at that time?”

    So now Cain is “our Candidate” according to Repugnanticans..“our candidates”?

    Cain is a former federal reserve chairman and advocates keeping the federal reserve and continuing the FIAT money system!

    This is 50% of the reason we are in this mess.

    The other 50% is the progressive income tax.

    Starve the beast and end slavery through debt currency.

    He may, sadly, be YOUR candidate but he sure as hell isn’t mine.

    Long live the Democratic Party, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and the man of the hour, Barack Obama,

  8. Lawrence O’Donnell is a typical liberal, lying, manipulating, disgusting P-O-S. He is a disgrace as a journalist and a disgrace to true Americans. To label him a dirtbag is offensive to both the dirt and the bag.