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Lawrence O'Donnell is a Tool

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  1. Good article Kira,

    What I find to be even more disgusting is the fact that MSNBC let’s this go on over and over again. It might be high time for a national boycott campaign of these clowns.

  2. Great article!

    “(you know he’s Black, right?)” O’Donnell and his pals are saying Cain isn’t “black enough” by tearing a sheet straight out of the Jesse Jackson playbook (recall Jackson comments regarding Obama.)

    O’Donnell is such an idiot… doesn’t he know DEMOCRATS filibustered the civil rights Republicans were pushing for? Was O’Donnell trying to say Cain wasn’t being Republican enough? Heck no… he isn’t black enough!

    The left is a huge hypocritical joke!