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John Dummett: The “Hidalgo” of 2012

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  1. Now see, the writer of this article understands that there is a right and a wrong way to do things including voting. If I had understood the godly principles of voting years ago and had began my voting process on my knees before God then I can see now that there are several candidates that I would not have voted for at that time. Allowing God to lead your life is the beginning of wisdom. The past 40 years have seen everyone voting to suit their own greedy desires. Few vote according to the values that will enrich the nation. Occupy Wall St has made it blatantly obvious that the next generation of voters are totally dependent on the nanny state and they will supply few if any leaders for the nation. This proves that we are truly in the endtimes because it is in that time that the United States of America is so obviously unheard of. So, we have to decrease that Israel can increase while God readies the world to see His miracle of defending Israel against all her enemies. This is a great time to be alive…………even though I am sorriful over America’s demise.