Italian Protest Claims It Was Inspired By OWS. Turns Out Violent.

By | October 16, 2011

Well, color me surprised.  The Italians had their own “Occupy Wall Street” styled riot protest, and it turned out violent.  That seems SOOO unlike Europeans too.  And it sounds like unlike Liberals, now that I think about it.  Oh, well.  It could never happen here.  Right?  Watch the video below to see what a “peaceful” protest in Italy looks like.  (you have to watch it, if for no other reason, than to appreciate the soundtrack)  Enjoy.


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0 thoughts on “Italian Protest Claims It Was Inspired By OWS. Turns Out Violent.

  1. DJ

    I meant what I said. period. It was a comment towards the violent masked jackasses in the video in this post. There were no Indians, no tea party, and no the video wasn’t in BOSTON. So what’s your ignorant point again? Your posts get more nonsensical and off-topic every day. from here on out I shall refer to you as the nonsensical coward you and all these masked misfits are.. Of course the ones behind the masks…. must have been referring to you and yours, as I see you are still in here crying and whining about the truth.

  2. DJ

    If these “protesters” are so righteous…. why do many of them hide their faces like cowards? Because seeing who they are will expose the radical groups, Communists, and Union organizers who are behind this dangerous game they are playing.

    Thanks Ai, nice job!

    1. Anonymous


      Cowards, do you mean “these protestors” like “those protestors” of the original Boston Tea Party? You do need to have some sense of history to recall “those protesters” used Native American disguises for that particular protest. Is that the same “cowardice” you are referring to? Why do you suppose “those protesters” wore disguises? Since we’re guessing who is behind the masks, I would contribute my guesses some of them are, for example, Putin hiding his rearing head, secret agents of various Evil Triangles, spanish-speaking illegal immigrants (of course), the anti-Christ, Communist Party leaders of the former USSR, etc. I would not doubt it if there were a Republican presidential candidate or two in the masked-mix somewhere too. Cheers. DJ.