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5 thoughts on “Is "Mormonism" Christian?

  1. Christian in Texas

    Thanks for printing the full name of the “Mormon” church: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I’m a Mormon, and every Sunday at church I teach a class on the New Testament, focusing on the life of the Savior. Want to know more about the Mormons? Go to

    1. Southern Baptist

      The Mormon “church”, like Islam, was founded by a false prophet, a fraud! The never-seen “golden tablets just happened to be written in the same old English that the KJ Bible was written in with “Thee”, “Thou”, etc…that alone proves the Book of Mormon to be a fraud!

      This is a cult followed by blind fools.

  2. Jerry Maddock

    It’s pretty obvious that you also, know little of being a Christian.

      1. Jerry Maddock

        Yes it is and I’m not a person quick to judge, but when a religion claims Jesus Christ to be the brother of Satin and has predicted the end times coming several times…you need to flee. Go just a little farther in your Bible and read Matthew 7:15-20. By definition a false profit is someone that has been wrong only once. Look up the history of the Mormon Church.

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