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Is Cain Able? His First Test Tonight!

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  1. Just a quick one about a biblical reference: I loved his “if 10% is enough for God, 9% ought to be good enough for the government.”

    Since Walter Williams is never going to run, my hopes that I would hear that in my lifetime from a major contender was nil.

  2. This will be a very interesting debate to watch. It is a whole different ball game being in front, as Cain is finding out. His every word is scrutinized now, whereas before he was pretty much getting away with saying anything he wanted, not getting taken to task. Also, we should watch for Perry tonight as well. He is under a lot of pressure to do well after increasingly disappointing performances. This could be make or break (at least temporarily) for him. Cain is amassing a ground swell, but needs a strong performance to continue to turn it into monetary gain. He’ll need a lot of dollars for the end run with the GOP establishment firmly backing Romney. It will be one to watch!