In Search Of The “Perfect Candidate”

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  • An excellent post – thank you for sharing. I also did not see the mistake though.

  • Douglas M. Reddick

    Dell, You said “phased.” You meant “fazed.” See below:
    faze (fz)
    tr.v. fazed, faz·ing, faz·es
    To disrupt the composure of; disconcert. See Synonyms at embarrass.
    As for “phase”–see below:
    Atr.v. phased, phas·ing, phas·es
    1. To plan or carry out systematically by phases.
    2. To set or regulate so as to be synchronized.

    • Would be so kind as to tell me where I made that error. I’d be happy to edit and correct, but I’ve read the piece four times and don’t see it.