Holder Pens Letter to Congress : "Nothing To See Hear Folks, Just Move Along"

By | October 8, 2011

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3 thoughts on “Holder Pens Letter to Congress : "Nothing To See Hear Folks, Just Move Along"

  1. gene willis

    you will forgive jew media as they help eric holder and his boss play the race card in there defense.in fact,the race card election 2012 is coming in november.

  2. gene willis

    the prez will not go to jail unless he is proven to be a traiter.othere then that,he walks.eric holder will fight and the jewish media will do all they can to protect his image.this is the worst politics as usual in history.

  3. WillofLa

    What is going on in New York City on Wall Street is nothing more than a cover for Obama and Holder so as to take America’s eye’s off Solyndra, Fast and Furious, Light Squared, and the 730 million dollars Pelosi’s son got for his “green corporation” he’s involved in(that will probably fail soon to). Holder thinks he can pull Chicago politics on the Republican Congress. But what he isn’t taking into consideration is Issa and Senator Grassly are conservatives that aren’t going to be scared off by this Marxist in partnership with Obama. And after they are through with Holder they are going to go after Obama, probably before Holder is done with. If Obama is convicted of his crime of violation of the Constitution I am continueously telling my Congressman and Senator that I want the Supreme Court to be forced to nullify Obama’s presidency.

    What that would do is wipe out every law, Presidential Directive, and other things he’s done, away as if they never happened. Barney Frank wouldn’t be the Chairman of the Banking Committee, and Dodd would be forced to resign immediately or go to prison, with the option that he could be called before a Grand Jury at anytime from the time he left office to the day he dies so he’ll have to live out the rest of his life scared to death he would end up going to prison anyway. That would be justice for Dodd since he caused thousands of families to loose their jobs, their assets, their homes, and their savings/retirement. That is justice. The same thing for Barney Frank, he’s put under (whatever it’s called) as long as he is alive that he to, could be called before a Grand Jury to testify why he allowed Freddie and Fannie to collapse when he knew it was insolvent.

    Holder, I want to go to prison so as to send a signal to all the Chicago types including Rahm Emanuel who thinks he’s safe just because he’s mayor of Chicago, who is another crook. When I heard he was running for mayor I knew he’d win. How? Because he’s friends with Obama, Holder, who wrote the paper giving Rahm resident status of Chicago in order to be able to run, when one of the leading candidates complained that Rahm was getting favored status because of who his friends were when the law is clear that he was not a resident of Chicago, so he was disqualified. Oh, but he won anyway, Gee, I wonder how that happened? Holder is a criminal, so is Obama and they both are running scared. They knew they had to do something quick before even more people turn against him for his involvement with Solyndra, and Holder’s involvement with Fast and Furious. I want them in jail!!!

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