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Gov.Jerry Brown Vetoes Babysitter Bill, Signs Gardasil Mandate

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  1. Jim Elson says:

    To all the representatives that got bribed by Merek and also Brown, we the people demand that you all take a good shot of Gardasil . Come on prove how much you care about us. O. K. aside from the kavel kade of clowns, I urge every body to read about the economic collapse of Argentina in 01. Identical to hear, will help you to understand and prepare, if happens. Pray to God it doesn’t. The politicians unite with the judges, union leaders, traffickers, media and bureaucrats. Then get rid of the middle class. Whats left is them, and a defenseless poor. This is standard operating procedure, it’s been going on for thousands of years. You all have to start doing something even if it’s small. God is watching us, Our ancesters are watching us, Every thing good and decent is on our side, And the moment we realize it, Is the second tyranny falls. I love that quote, I heard it on Alex Jones, my favorite patriot, Look him up

  2. Michael Raymond says:

    It’s not strange that the Gardasil mandate isn’t news. The truth is, the media is in favor of the mandate. As far as Perry is concerned, the media made an issue out of it because the conservative base could easily be prodded on the issue. Perry’s “mandate” did have an easy opt-out and did require parental notification. The truth is, the establishment doesn’t like Rick Perry. They are scared of Rick Perry. They used this issue and the issue of in-state tuition for illegals as a wedge to make conservatives abandon Perry.

    It worked. Now, we have Herman Cain at the top of the stack, and the media is doing whatever it can to take him down, too. The truth is, they want Romney. The establishment has spoken, and that’s what is being forced on us. Then it will come down to Obama or Romney, and while the media would prefer Obama, they feel comfortable that Romney can be manipulated into “compromise” with them.

    The political games continue.