Florida Drug Users on Welfare Protected Against Illegal Search and Seizure?

By | October 25, 2011

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0 thoughts on “Florida Drug Users on Welfare Protected Against Illegal Search and Seizure?

  1. Zoe

    There are 3 areas of Florida’s drug law that should be struck down, they are:

    1. Anything Rick Scott Says

    2. Anything Rick Scott Does and

    3. ughh…ughhh..”Oops” Yea, you guys are heading to the

    1. Presidential Primaries

    2. Presidential Eleciton

    3. White ..ughhh.. White Horse…ughh…”oops”


    LOL…keep ‘em coming “Hitman…..ughh….I mean “Redman”

  2. Jim

    I don’t know who you are talking to about “Hitman” and the Koch brothers, this appears to be an article about welfare parasites sucking taxpayers cash for their drug habits.” Desperate” would be folks talking about anything other than the facts presented here. Shannon has very valid points.

  3. Jim

    So Rob and ZOE with no PHD think the taxpayer should dole out welfare cash to drug addicts here. How intelligent of them both.
    ” Desperate” is Liberal sheep ignoring the facts in this article, IF they even read the whole thing.

  4. Zoe D Katze PhD

    Hey “hitman” ugghhh, I mean “Redman” still slinging the bull, huh?

    Judge Mary Scriven also struck down the Florida Drug law; http://bit.ly/rsf5Rp

    She’s two for two, yea, hold your “guns” at the end of President Obama’s second term, when we have the House and Senate, we’ll be taking them away…

    So please, hold them, we can use the money which we receive when sell them for scrap metal to pay down the debt…

    1. SHANNON

      Just keep in mind…

      Hosts don’t need “blood sucking parasites”…”blood sucking parasites need Hosts!” So, no matter what, eventually the welfare entitlement attitude along with the “laziness and ignorance” of the “get something from the 1%” crowd will realize the gravy train has ran out.

      When deciding who to rob and steal from after the free ride is over, I’m sure the lazy good for nothing thugs will prefer the unarmed, petulant, p**syfied liberal masses over self reliant, armed conservatives. So you just keep standing behind the bully hoping he beats you up last.

      I love how the libs are so generous with felons rights and liberties, while shouting from the rooftops to trample on the lives of the honorable citizens. The constitution only means something if it suits your agenda. Perhaps we don’t drug test welfare recipients, we just abolish welfare!!


    Well “Rob” if you do actually live in Germany, I hope you have a kitchen knife or something to defend yourself when the radicals come to slit German’s throats in the streets. I’m sorry that Europe has become so P*ssfied that it can’t defend itself. Might as well, get yourself a pray rug.

    Conversely, the “crazy conservatives” here clinging to our God, Guns, and Gold will ultimately fair much better that the EU will. We still have our guns, (even though the goal is to disarm us). We will be the last stand, and it will be ugly. The 2nd amendment people will be facing a really hard choice…come out of our sniper position to save our “whiny liberal citizens from the enemy” or letting them use their time honored tactic of speaking kindly, agreeing and denouncing the US…right before they meet the sword!” It will be hard to watch them all beg to get in our houses for food, clothing, safety from the chaos. If they don’t wake up before the sh*t goes down…God be with them..as for me and my family, we will be prepared..

  6. Rob Halprin

    Judge Scrivner was 110% correct, here’s the law, read it and weep:

    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

  7. "Rob"

    I’m so glad I found this site (by accident) it gives me a place to return to as a metaphor for how desperate conservatives are…please continue on..Herman Cain…Rick Perry..Michelle Bachmannn…LOL….run ‘em all, put together they can’t beat Obama!

    Have you seen the new Koch Birthers..ummm…I mean Koch Brothers funded ad that Herman Cain’s running with the cigarette smoke?

    Don’t look now Republicans, your desperate losers are showing!

    (Hey “Hitman”…ughhh I mean “Redman” go phishing for my IP address, and tell me what you find in Germany…..ha …ha…ha…LOL