Evolution into a Tea Party Member

By | October 1, 2011

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0 thoughts on “Evolution into a Tea Party Member

  1. Bob Russell

    This describes me to a great detail. I don’t have a college education but I hve come to the same realization as the author. I hve gone through the same process of going from couch potato complainer to activist for the conservative cause.

  2. The Bicycling Guitarist

    Interesting choice of words for your title, since many Tea Party members are in denial of the fact evolution happens. Such anti-science sentiment is harmful to our country, humanity and the planet. It is shameful that so many Americans are so misinformed about this subject. It is just as ridiculous and just as wrong as if half the adults in this country insisted the earth is flat in spite of all evidence to the contrary.

  3. Kira

    I became a tea partier on tax day, 2010. That was the day I mailed off a $7000 check to the IRS with a payment agreement on the remaining $7000. My husband makes a modest income (by any standards) and we are faithful charitable donors, and yet the IRS found a way to slam us for over 10 grand anyway. I cried as we raided our children’s college fund to pony up. Then I went to the CVS, bought poster board and markers, hastily made a protest sign and headed to the nearest Tea Party event. That was the day I became a tea party member. Its been full steam ahead ever since.

  4. Max

    Great insight. A hallmark of every Tea Party member is they came to this decision by choice, based on the content of their character.

    Unlike libtards, who like to say they ‘own” the black vote, the hispanic vote, and every other minority class vote who can’t think for themselves. Who, for the most part, threw away their character in favor of a couch-potato state.

  5. DJ Redman Post author

    Dang, I will put my glasses on next time so I can see that my I’s were not capitalized, shame on me.

  6. DJ Redman Post author

    Excellent inside look at just how you became a tea party conservative, and how you avoided falling into the progressive educational indoctrination taught in our schools today. i can certainly relate, as i went back into college last year and could not believe that there was so many students admitted into college who couldn’t write a proper sentence, yet could quote progressive planks in Liberal ideology such as parroting the Social Justice fraud mantra of the past 20 years.

    Thanks for sharing such a well-written account that will help many other’s, especially the younger generations to understand what the Tea party is really all about and how they are being manipulated by progressive indoctrination in our schools today.