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EU to Cut 75% of Food for the Poor Programs in 2012

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  1. You folks are clearly on the wrong side of history. How can you defend the outcome of the largest wealth transfer in recorded human history. How can you defend the disenfranchisement of millions of workers so that the central banks mandate may be fulfilled. When will al of you graduate from your retarded and corrupt world view?

  2. Do these people have to be reminded of what happened at the first Jamestown when the head of the settlement said for everyone to put all their crops in one place and everyone was to get a equal share. When those who grew the food took a larger share, because after all they were the ones who grew the food, and it would have only been fair that they get a larger share for doing all the work, i.e. capitalism without selling the supply. After the first year of everyone taking from a central source for food the settlers almost starved to death that winter. The people complained to the head of the settlement and convinced him that what they needed to do was to allow the growers to sell the crops and that way everyone would get what they needed and the grower gets to keep what they need, plus they make enough money to buy seed to plant next year. It’s called capitalism and what the head of the settlement put together was called Socialism, which fails everytime it is tried.

    It has gotten so bad in Europe that countries are already talking about dismantling the EU and go back to independent nations controlling their own economies, and trade. Instead of everyone being able to buy what they want, you can’t take from a central supply and everyone taking, hopefully honestly, what they need. But since everyone has different needs, you can’t just say, “Here’s your share.” and it’s to small to stay alive on. Everyone must be able to get what they need. Socialism does not meet that need.