Dept. of Homeland Security Sec Admits Not Enforcing Immigration Laws

By | October 21, 2011

While I’m not quite sure what the heck “technically unlawfully” means, I am sure that failing to enforce the immigration laws is a dereliction of duty. Sessions reads a letter from border officers where they site her failure and their “vote of no confidence” in Janet Napolitano’s ability to enforce the nation’s laws.

This administration created a crisis by not allowing the enforcement of border laws. Then admits they can’t deport all the ones getting through. Somehow – it’s not their fault?

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2 thoughts on “Dept. of Homeland Security Sec Admits Not Enforcing Immigration Laws

  1. WillofLa

    I’ll tell you what “technically illegal” means that that’s the way Democrats define what is legal and what is not that bad for them to do. It’s Socialist blather. “Have you been violating the law?” “Well, yes, kinda, sorta, you know like, well technically I guess you could say that maybe there might be some stretch of my duties.” See, it’s that kind of thing. She doesn’t want to admit that HELL YES I’ve been disobeying the law and not doing my job! That’ s what she needs to be saying.

    If she’s not doing her job and enforcing our immigration laws, then who is?? The Border agents? What, they are our first and last line of defence?

  2. WillofLa

    Come the HELL on Congressmen, Senator’s!! Do something that you would get a lot of fire over, but finally somebody would be doing the RIGHT THING and throw this Socialist out on her fat butt!! And I’d be preaching to the choir to declare why she needs to go, but that being said, our elected officials need to do their damn job. What, firing people is not part of their job? I sure as hell is their job. I don’t know what it’s called or what the procedure would be, and it’s been a long time since it’s happened if at all. But if the people of America want to see our elected representatives do something that we all know would be good for the country, it would be beginning to get rid of Obama’s Socialist appointee’s who are his old friends from his Communist organizing days.

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