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0 thoughts on “CNN Debate Recap: High Stakes in Sin City

  1. Mateo

    “Then Paul starts talking foreign policy and makes it painfully obvious that he has very little understanding of the nuances of foreign relations. Republicans don’t like that.”
    Actually, Mr. Pauls foreign policiy is full of nuance and is more informed than most of the debate participants. It is also considerably more consistant. It is just nuance that the imperialist wing of the republican (and democrat party) dont like to hear . . . it is fact and truth, not political spin designed to tug at your “patriotic” heart strings. Rep. Paul is against Bush’s wars AND Obama’s wars. You should be too.

  2. john

    I seldom hear the I word anymore. I do agree burning at the stake would be better, but would settle for impeachment and life in a cell without sunlight would almost satisfy me. These fools aren’t gonna fix anything but their pocketbooks and bank accounts. They’re all treacherous manipulators caring for their own futures, and their pals. They couldn’t collectively give a XXXX less about this country or its inhabitants, half of which are allowed in purposefully to aid in the destruction of America.