Cain-Train Dodges Fruit – Cruises into First; Romney “Pantsed”

By | October 21, 2011

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0 thoughts on “Cain-Train Dodges Fruit – Cruises into First; Romney “Pantsed”

  1. Don Hays

    Yeah, well it looks like the “machine” is going to eat Cain too! People like him because he’s not a politician. So stop thinking of him as a politician. Get off this abortion thing! He said he was pro-life, I believe him. Not to mention there’s not DA&N thing he can do about it!!

    Yes, he can appoint conservative judges, but the court has leaned right since Reagan and Row v Wade still stands. Only an amendment is going to overturn it and the President isn’t in the loop for that!

    Concentrate on saving the economy and keep the country from imploding financially and THEN worry about the other stuff.