Breaking News Flash! Libya's Muammar Qaddafi Reportedly Captured/ Now DEAD

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  • I wonder if the OWS folks will have a candlelight vigil for their fallen hero…

  • its very sad they kill Muammar Qaddafi libya people really take big mistake they will lost libya future beaouse he is the one who take care of libya he fight for libya that time when libyan people need some one who give them own country who help them for fredam libya peolle will see as soon they will take mistake to kill him he is one man all the world who will not do that what did want USA USA use libya people for kill him they tell wrong thing about him he said true befor die his blood any drops for libya and he prove it he fight for libya he die for libya USA use muslim for killing muslim and muslim kill them muslim brotheres very sad about that i have been in libya long time i am from pakistan he is good man but libya people soooooooooooooooooo sad on you