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0 thoughts on “Bloomberg TV is an Actual Channel: GOP Economic Debate Recap

  1. Andy J

    Romney is a great debater and seems to have so much to say compared to other candidates. He can hold an on-topic conversation without chanting a mantra, unlike most other participants. The question I have is, why don’t I care enough to support him? Why does he fail to draw support from some 70% of Republicans? If he cannot inspire passion in his own party, how is he going to attract swing voters?

    “Ron Paul hates the Fed. Also, Ron Paul loves Austrian economics. Ron Paul is raising a lot of money as I type this.”

    Yeah, that’s about all one could conclude about Ron Paul from the 3 minutes he was given to speak in this debate. He is a secret front runner and he has the best chance against Obama. Of course he could not be allowed to answer most of the questions because he would have made all the other candidates look ridiculous (as he has done in the past) and his message might have spread further. Alas, the media cannot allow this.

    I encourage people to check into who Ron Paul is and what he stands for. He makes me think there is a glimmer of hope left for our political system.

  2. DJ

    Thank you Kira for a well-rounded and thorough recap of last night’s debate. Bloomberg TV is only included as an “upgrade” on my Dish programming, and I,m not doing anything that might put a nickle in that man’s pocket if I can help it. Now if I could just get the country to follow my boycott wishes of the despicable MSNBC….

    Anyway, nice job again Kira, as I didn’t watch the debate and it looks like it was pretty much the same old performances we have seen during the last month. I did make one observation about how many people won’t get to have seen the debate on basic cable- that will give the MSM an in to put out more of their “interpretations” of how and why Mitt the Moderate is unbeatable in the primaries. They all hate the GOP, so who gives a crap about who they say should represent the GOP in the elections- of course they MUST promote whoever gives Baby Barack the best chance to win.