America, Take The Car Keys From Obama

By | October 26, 2011

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0 thoughts on “America, Take The Car Keys From Obama

  1. WillofLa

    No, the Socialist Democrats are the one’s who drove us into a ditch, but along with them were liberal Republican’s who are getting rich off of Democrat bills that turn things their way. And there is the very small percentage of regular Republican’s who believe they have to go along with what the leaders of their party are doing. The balance are conservatives who try in vain to fight against all the left sliding of our nation into the ditch being led by the Socialist Democrats. People like to blame Reagan and claim he did damage to the economy as well and past a bunch of bad laws. No, what happened in both of Reagan’s terms was in his first term he had a Democrat Congress fighting all his proposal’s. In his second term he had a Democrat Senate fighting all his proposal’s. So he managed to get some things done that did help mostly our economic strength.

    Bush didn’t do anything but help Socialist Democrats in their efforts to keep the nation in the ditch. I remember what Bush said during his campaign. He said he was going to “heal the rift between the parties.” We should have known that spelled trouble from the get go. Bush gave as much help to the Democrats as he could, and people like Rove went along with it because he’s one of those idiots who believes that you can do more damage from inside the Democrat camp as you can by attacking them from the outside. Many times I would hear people like McCain say he’s going along with Democrats because once inside he can mess up the machinery and cause problems with their progress. What a lie! Any Republican who says that is a liar and wants to get in good with the Democrats because he making money off of them from all the advantage Democrats give to major corporations they give in return for campaign contributions. Deals made with Socialists never help anyone except other Socialists.