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ABC's Bad Call

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  1. Yeah, but all the Extremist LIB SPEW is OK right? I’m with Hank Jr! Hit em back with a song!

  2. Hank was speaking metaphorically … although he may be a little more accurate than he intended. Perhaps his best revenge would be to file for President and let the American people be the judge, rather than some PC studio exec!

  3. I do not believe in Political Correctness! Is a lame excuse for not standing up for the truth. This ain’t Hanks 1st contrivsary, nor will it be his last! But either way, I am with Hank! Maybe ABC/ESPN can get Nanct Pelosi to sing their opening number..

  4. I liked the HWJr. song at the beginning of Monday Night Football. I quit watching the NFL games a few years ago because it’s too one sided. There’s not enough quality quarterbacks to go around so too many of the games are either runaways or just downright uninteresting. I live in N. Texas but can’t watch the Cowboys because I can’t stand that Jerry Jones dude. I still believe in free speech and am sure that Hank Jr. will do just fine without the MNF gig. Nice drawing, indeed. Continued success to A.F. Branco.

  5. Best revenge? Write a song, Hank!!

  6. Get’em Hank

  7. ABC – Anybody But Conservatives

  8. Politically correct?? Isn’t that an oxymoron?! Let the media choke while he ‘calls ’em like he sees ’em!!

    • Right on Ed…. This is just plain sad… They know what he meant … They just know he’s a conservative and that is all it’s about… All the outrageous statement that the left has made and many are with abc.