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A Message from Senator Jim DeMint: Harry Reid Nukes the Senate

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  1. And what I want to know is, there wasn’t anyone in the Republican Party that didn’t know about something like this existing? Yes, they did, but even when Reid came up with it McConnell didn’t know his own party members would vote FOR the nuclear option? How out of touch is McConnell? This is why I say, people like McConnell and Boehner need to be voted out of office come next November and put real conservative Republican’s in their place.

    McConnell should have known how desperate the Democrats were and would back Reid’s attempt at changing the Senate rules to such an extent that now Reid has full control even more so now than he did have all the way until January 20 of 2013!!! If Reid can do what he did yesterday, and got the Republican support he needed, which I’m hoping shocked the living hell out of McConnell, and got the rule change that no one at any other time would have voted on. Something else took place yesterday that had to have gotten the support Reid needed for something like this rule change to take place. Reid couldn’t have just come out and said to vote on a rule change and they knew what kind of rule change it was going to be that they were about to vote on. There’s no way Republican’s could have been that dumb, or caught that off guard!

  2. As I undersstand it, McConnell was the one who wanted to force Reid and the other Socialist to vote on Obama’s so-called “Job’s” bill due to the fact that Democrats led by Reid said they weren’t going to touch this bill with a ten foot pole, and here, Obama is out in the country demanding that his jobs bill be voted on, he had to know what position the Democrats were taking on it. McConnell wanted to show Democrat supporters, many were down on Wall Street protesting the rich, and the rest of Democrats in the country that there were NO jobs in that bill and all it was, was a huge tax bill against the last job creators in the country. McConnell wanted to embarrass Obama and the Democrats because they are always harping about “job’s, job’s, job’s” and jobs are never created especially since Obama has been elected, and now McConnell had a chance to prove it to the American people by getting their Party to declare the truth, Obama’s bill is not a job’s bill, but a tax bill to take money from the wealthy, which would be exactly what the fruit cakes down on Wall Street would want.

    But McConnell didn’t antisipate just how evil Reid actually is, and would do everything he could to keep something like what McConnell was planning to do by calling for a vote on Obama’s bill the other day. It backfired on McConnell when, yesterday Reid pulled a parlimentary manuver on him and forced a vote on rule changes to stop the kinds of things McConnell was trying to pull.

    McConnell should have been advised what options Reid had at his disposal and ended up embarrassing McConnell when half the Republican’s voted for the rule changes. McConnell didn’t know that those under him would turn on him if something like this took place? And what happened was McConnell was the one who got embarrassed, when he comes out after the vote with egg on his face and calls for people to think about what they have just done, and to spend this weekend cooling off so that they can come back in the Senate chambers Monday and reverse this horrible change in rules for the first time in Senate history. Rules have been changed before, but not like this, and McConnell should have known how desperate Reid and the Democrats were in NOT wanting Obama embarrassed and show American’s what lies their Party is trying to hide from them in this bill that they didn’t want to vote on in an election year for them.

    In my opinion McConnell screwed up, and what was worse he didn’t canvas his party members and find out what they would vote on if it came up, and where they stood on embarrassing the Democrats which is what McConnell wanted to do by forcing a vote on the bill, and would they vote against a rule change, or not? Would they vote against the Obama job’s bill, or not. McConnell was out of touch with his Party members in this case, BIG TIME!