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Who Pays What in Taxes: The Truth Comes Out at CDN

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  1. What is fair is everyone paying the same percentage of their income, If choose to work harder and smarter and am paid for my efforts why should I have to pay more than those who choose not to?

    If you want everyone to pay their fair share, than everyone, including those paying nothing or 12% need to pay their fair share as well.

  2. Countries across the world that have a more graded tax system consistently top quality of life indexes (Scandinavian countries, Australia). Although the success of such a system is reliant on culture been pro-society. A more individual, competitive culture such as the US will never quite grasp the value of socialism, and will instead bleet on about ‘liberty’. The notion of liberty that a number of the conservatives have in the US is self-defeating as the quest to preserve their own individual rights simply serves to oppress those around them. 29.1% for households earning $1 million really is a pathetically low.

  3. “2011- Make 50 – 75k and your effective tax rate is now 15%, [ UP a whopping 8.7% ] from the 2009 tax rate of 50 – 60k at 6.3% .”

    Well, it sucks to be barely poor.