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Vote now for CDN’s question to the Republican candidates for this Thursday’s debate.  The deadline is Wednesday!  A last minute boost of votes will help vault the question into the mix.  Let’s all work together to let our voice be heard!!


Here is the question:


“What do see you are three specific misconceptions about Republicans and Republican issues, how will you address these misconceptions on the campaign trail and how do you propose to change these?”


Here’s how to vote:

1. go to

2. click on the “VOTE” tab right above the main video block

3. In the ‘search question’ box on the left side, type in “misconceptions”

4. find the question below: look also for the tagline below

5. Vote Thumbs Up!!

6. Tell ALL you friends to vote, Let’s SLAM this thing!!!

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  1. Max says:

    Misconceptions? I dont understand the question. We should be asking what three issues unify the party, and what each candidate will do to strengthen these issues going forward.

    Asking about misconceptions is a fast moving target.

    • don says:

      so what’s your question Max? Or do you just complain about others?

      • Max says:

        don, Is there a comprehension problem? Ok, I’ll copy and paste it again… “We should be asking what three issues unify the party, and what each candidate will do to strengthen these issues going forward.”

        Now let me put it in the form of a question, just to make it easy. “What three issues unify the party, and what (will) each candidate do to strengthen these issues going forward?”

        Obviously you think the authors question is golden. I think it needs work, we shouldn’t be worried about self-image problems, like misconceptions, because that is precisely the goal of the MSM. Do we not know how powerful we have become since taking Congress in 2010? It is time to unify the message, and get beyond the silliness of what will be the largest defeat in modern history. Aside from over 90% of blacks voting for Obama in 2012, he is losing his base. If anyone should be worried about “misconceptions” it’s the democrats.

  2. DJ says:

    Done! Lets go folks, not many votes yet.