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U.S.Senator Sherrod Brown's Wife Caught Red-Handed and Red-Faced, Resigns

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  1. This is just more proof that these subversive’s are everywhere constantly pumping Socialist/Marxist propagada into the brains of the American people 24/7/365. These liberal run newspapers, news magazines, TV networks, radio programs, TV talk programs disguised as news, all run by liberals/Socialists/Marxists/Communists.

    When our government got rid of most of the laws that would keep people like her unable to get a job at a newspaper, or anything else for that matter, that’s when all these subversives started taking over. They did it with the courts, and their followers and members getting high level jobs in colleges and universities so they could teach their poison to our children making sure we couldn’t do anything about it. And what laws I’m talking about that our government got rid of that has allowed these kinds of people to exist in our culture and the laws that created things like the Committee On Unamerican Activities, laws prohibiting subversives from obtaining critical jobs in media, the kind that Connie Shultz had, laws that made being Socialist, Marxist, and Communists meeting together in the home of one of their kind against the law, they could be arrested, and investigated for subversive and unAmerican activities that if put into action, like Mrs. Shultz getting a job as a writter on this newspaper, could undermine that foundation of this nation through brain washing techniques applied to the unsuspecting readers. And look what their ideology when gone unchecked has done to our government, her husband gets elected by a unsuspecting public.

    When a lie is told as if it were the truth, how can you know that you are being lied to if what you hear is part truth, part how you really feel, and then language which sounds right but is Communist mind control techniques used to control people’s choices of who becomes their representative in Congress, how are you supposed to know? You can’t unless you talk to people who know how that language and mind control techniques are applied to people tells you what you are listening to is a lie. Or someone who in on conservative talk radio tells us what is being told to us, or that we are reading that sounded like the truth, but was a lie, or is lies.

    Marxist and Communists are expert in making up the language and in coming up with techniques that can get you thinking that “Well, maybe we need a law like that.”, or “Maybe I’ve been wrong in how I thought about those things or how I’ve been treating those people.” And before we knew it we gave the country over to the Connie Shultz’s and Mr. Brown’s of the world in this country who seemed like ordinary people, but they are not, they are subversives and Socialists who don’t believe that you should have the right to have what you have, nor do you have to right to keep what you’ve worked for, and that you owe more than what the government says you owe already, or that it’s your patriotic duty to give up your private property to them because it belonged to someone else before you and you owe it to someone else who didn’t earn it.

    America was safe from invasion from these kinds of people long ago when we had the belief that America deserved to be safe from the poison and destruction these people could rought on our nation. But in the name of “Fairness” and “Equality” we shouldn’t think those kinds of things about people, is what liberals told us. They lied. They were subversives. They were Marxist trying to get in and take our freedom and liberty from us in the name of the people. Yeah, who? The Connie Shultz-Brown’s, that’s who.