TSA fires 28 Honolulu Bag Screeners after "Probe"

By | September 17, 2011

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2 thoughts on “TSA fires 28 Honolulu Bag Screeners after "Probe"

  1. DJ Redman Post author

    I would say it is largely on the shoulders of the current Obama-puppett, amnesty queen- Janet Napolitano and her minions at the head of the TSA, since she dictates policy there. Yes I agree with the fact that Congress could have stopped this madness this year and didnt and therefore they are at the root of the taking away of our rights and freedoms as American citizens.
    Remember SSI was started with great intentions and rolled along fairly stable until the Congress critters gave themselves the authority to start raping it for other pet projects to empower themselves over the people even more. Sometimes mistakes in policy prove to be Ok at first, then the test of time shows them to be a big ass mistake, yet career politicians and their egos refuse to admit bad policy and scrap it when it is proven to be short-sighted and ignorant. The tyrants of Congress pretty much have only one agenda- MORE POWER over the people.

  2. Max

    “Now, there is no way to blame Bush for this fiasco. It’s all on Barack Hussein Obama.”

    No, it’s both, plus the Congress who keeps extending the “Grope the Patriots Act.”

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