The Divide: GOP Debate

By | September 23, 2011

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0 thoughts on “The Divide: GOP Debate

  1. Robert

    Anyone who believes Fox news is a conservative leaning news organization; I have some news for you — you are drinking the “Kool aid light”. While you have avoided subscribing to the main Kool aid crowd; you have definitely joined those who favor the lighter version. Fox news is owned by the “uber liberal” Rupert Murdoch and is terrorist side kick the Saudis Prince. While they have spent a lot of time and money attracting the conservative voice of America, it had one purpose and one purpose only. If you doubt any of this than you are extremely ignorant and easily led. This information is public knowledge. A “liberal” website Google is all you ever need to find out if I am telling the truth. Look at Rupert Murdoch’s history in Australia and the U.S. to find out the main goal of the Murdoch machine. Why else on earth would a person who owns every liberal publication under the sun want to start a Conservatie News organization. Every day you hear about the Libyan Rebels; not once do you hear they are the Muslim Brotherhood. How else would conservative politicians lend themselves to debates sponsored by Liberal media organizations. The belief that Fox is going to balance it out. These people are obviously smarter than us…because it’s working. Ask anyone you know…Fox news…liberal or conservative. That’s why he is a billionaire and you are just an American with a gripe that can’t be remedied.