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Seven Points of Economic Leadership for the United States of America

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  1. Hi Bill,

    Thank you for clearing that up Bill. I agree there is simply NO WAY we can remain solvent with the current explosion of big government expansion. Just some random thoughts on cutting down our government :

    I,m thinking, drop ALL redundant fed programs, as there are thousands of them first. Abolish the EPA right off the bat as they prove themselves to be a complete as to their mission statement when they created that farce of an agency. THEN give all depts 90 days to cut 40% of their redundant, do-nothing employees. ( After new agency heads are installed, real managers, NOT Liberal activists like L Jackson at EPA) ALL subsidies to be phased out in 3 years. No exceptions. Then attack the WASTE, such as 150 employees in same building EACH having a separate printer because they are too lazy to walk 20 feet to a printer. 1 printer per floor per 30,000 sq feet of office space.
    I have never had a job where the company paid for my travel to work, gas, food, coffee, $16.00 muffins, tolls, globetrotting worldwide vacations disguised as business, like studying billboards that LaHood’s transportation dept. was caught doing this year, etc. All of that stops immediately. Install retired CPA’s and forensic accountants into the SSI admin. dept to do nothing but check for fake SSI numbers, weed out the disability fraudsters and Medicare rip-off artists, just for a start. Abolish the Dept of Education completely.Give the States block grants and let them ensure the best education policies. Install work for welfare program across the nation. If states want to explode taxpayers electric bills by mandating solar like in New Hampshire, they will fund it themselves and their taxpayers will pay the toll, not federal dollars from other states.Maybe the N/H voters will install some conservatives into office after they see their electric bills tripled.

    It doesn’t take 500 politicians and 150,000 aids and political appointees to reduce government deficits, just a little common sense.

  2. Should read FAIR TAX at beginning.

  3. I approve of most of your plan here Will, nice job. Question: What about the vaunted far tax proposals floating around today/ Herman Cain has his 999 plan, which sounds good at the insert but there is a lot left to be explained in it. Many economists say a fair tax of about an effective 26% on consumption, and dropping the income tax altogether would be the way to go. I do believe a true fair tax plan without any budgetary gimmickry, loopholes or political chicanery written into would be the way to go. Could we ever expect that to pass through Congress currently? Not a snowballs chance in hell. Maybe after taking the Senate, White House and installing about 60 more true conservatives into the House would allow it to happen in 2013.

    • DJ- Almost every “fair tax” proposal on the table implies continuation of current federal projects and operations Under my plan It is implied (actually stated) that massive federal government reductions would occur. Hence that is how I believe the Federal government could operate on 14% rate. Obviously, I believe this is reasonable.

      Thanks for your comment