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Romney's Promise Is Shallow

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  1. Chris says:

    Eleanor, you are 100% correct, Owebamacare needs to be wiped off the books entirely. Surely, we can come up with a common sense solution for folks to gain access to health insurance. Purchasing insurance across that state lines would make insurance more competitive. Kids staying on their parents health insurance til 26 doesn’t bother me all that much. Pre-existing conditions should be covered but should be done in reasonable way in terms of price for the insurance. And I am sure there are a few other things that could be done that don’t infringe upon our liberty like Owebamacare does.

    • Chris,
      Yes, I totally agree. There are numerous ways to improve access to healthcare. Limiting law suits would help, and special pools for pre-existing conditions are only a few of the ways to do this. Your solutions are also astute. Obama care would kill more than it hurts. We already know that Medicare and Medicaid refuse more treatments and tests than private health care does. When I was in college, I was allowed to stay on my parents Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance as a student. As long as the family is alright with that set up, and the insurance company is, why should we complain?
      My big thing about Romney is he is in favor of a one payer system, and it shows in his slippery, slimy answers to the questions presented to him. As the lead article says right now, “it’s Romney’s turn” and I’m not going to roll over and play dead on exposing his liberalness.

  2. Sean,
    You’re welcome for the forum, and I thank Conservative Daily News for providing me a place I can reach out to more than just my blog. Some of the articles on this site are not on my blog, so I’m afforded two places to present not only my opinions, but my researched articles.
    As far as Romney reaching out to Midwesterners and independents, I think both adults in those areas want a conservative, a true conservative. I will reiterate, Executive Orders can be rescinded by a President following Romney and all the draconian provisions of Obama Care will be put right back into place. There are already too many of them being exercised right now, and I’m fearful of them not being able to be stopped. Things that are already in place are much harder to be reversed. I don’t like that not one of the candidates has said what needs to happen to get rid of this bill, and that includes my favorite, whom will not be advertised here. (I will probably say more about my choice as more drop out.) An Executive Order is not the way to go wtih this sick bill, cutting it out like a cancer is.

  3. sean says:

    I agree with you that Romney is my favorite choice of candidates but if obama was able to exempt his financial contributions from obamacare why not exempt the states. I will say the only reason that Romney is seriously being entertained as presidential material is because he brings the midwest block of voters something that was seriously lost in 2008 voting. Another point as to wehy Romney is liked is bec and Zi agree with you Eleanor I do not like romney that muchause he hangs just barely to the right and he does bring swing voters. I too do not want Romney as my president but no matter who wins the primary anti obama voters must unite and vote for the republican candidate. As for obamacare – BOOOO. Thank you very much for the forum so I can comment