Rick Perry Stands up to Ron Paul During Commercial Break in Debate

By | September 9, 2011

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0 thoughts on “Rick Perry Stands up to Ron Paul During Commercial Break in Debate

  1. Max

    A Perry-mask is what Obama wears on Halloween to send chills down the spine of TEA party conservatives. And if Perry is the republican candidate for president, then you had better glue an Obama-mask on him if he gets elected, because their socialists tendencies seem to mirror one another, and both men have had trouble with legislatures in pushing forced policies down our throats.

    If 2012 comes down to Perry and Obama, I think I’ll move to Mexico, surrender my U.S. citizenship, then illegally cross over to leech off the system to ensure I am afforded “FREE EVERYTHING,” including more respect from our elected leaders who despise what little freedom is left for U.S. citizens.

  2. Wolfravenous

    So based on the quote above “An important fact that needs to be injected here is that at the time Hillary-care was being discussed, the average American had no idea just how dangerous government-run health-care truly could be to America. ” with the application of the most basic logic we can deduct either A.) that the author either meant to say that years ago Perry was as ignorant as the average American, and Ron Paul was not OR B.) The author has no understanding of logic and how to apply it when proofing their own writing before publishing.