President Herman Cain? He Wins The Florida Straw Poll

By | September 24, 2011

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0 thoughts on “President Herman Cain? He Wins The Florida Straw Poll

  1. WillofLa

    I’m glad that Herman Cain won this straw poll as this finally gives him the credibility he needed to get that jump he needed. So now are conservatives going to start paying more attention to him than Bachmann, or….who? I can’t thing of anyone who is running who is conservative enough for my liking to be worthy of my vote. And Bachmann didn’t campaign in Florida. So what’s next? I’m glad the truth about Perry is starting to break some of that manly fasaid off his face, because behind it was a Mexican alien in a suit. Perry doesn’t believe that a fence would do any good if there was no one there to watch it? And he doesn’t believe that it would make any difference anyway? And thinking it would proves we’re all hard hearted? No, Rick I’m not hard hearted, I’m patriotic for the sovereignty of my nation, what’s your problem?

    It doesn’t matter about Rick Perry anyway because I don’t believe he’s done no where near enough, and no where near enough on the border as he says he has, I don’t care what. He claims that he has more agents, “boots on the ground” than any other border state except Arizona or course. But see Perry isn’t even doing the enforcement of our immigration laws as Arizona. So if he’s not doing that then what is he talking about.

    Herman, on the other hand is talking about doing what Arizona is doing, along the entire border and seal it off, put the military down there like it should have been with the authority to get rid of the dope dealers. If Perry is the governor of Texas will he obey the President? President Cain? Who knows. I hope so. And you know I hear about Cain’s weak foreign policy positions, but I hope that means that he does understand you don’t need to be a diplomat to know to cut off these countries who hate us but always have their hands out, and the UN.