Plane Crashes at Reno, NV Air Race Kills 3 [Video + Pictures]

By | September 16, 2011

Photo: Ward Howes

RENO, Nev. Breaking News: Plane Crashes into spectator area during air race on Friday killing at least 3 including the pilot.

It has been confirmed the Unlimited P 51 mustang plane “Galloping Ghost” piloted by 74 year old pilot Jimmy Leeward from Florida has went into the stands during Race 77.

The race was the final race of the day and the plane appeared to experience a sudden problem that caused it to go out of control shortly after take-off.

Caution: Video Contains Strong Language and Distressing Imagery 

Youtube took down the video, but we have it here:


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0 thoughts on “Plane Crashes at Reno, NV Air Race Kills 3 [Video + Pictures]

  1. Warren

    Rich, Re: Reno Air Races. Havng been there several times and having seen the unlimited planes race at over 400 mph, I can say that an accident of this type is most unusual and had to have been caused by a malfunction. The course turns are nowhere near the stands where the public sits. I hope this accident doesn’t kill the air races.