Palin: Herb Cain or Whatever His Name Is

By | September 28, 2011

Someone forgot to check her hand for notes.. or do her homework.

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0 thoughts on “Palin: Herb Cain or Whatever His Name Is

  1. Kasnt Cantaway

    I think she is trying to link Cain to Pot. Pot is often referred to ask “herb”. She knows what she is doing. That black man is sexy bit he is probably on drugs.

  2. PoliticoSquirrel

    Jeez, the video’s intro/outro is longer than the clips themselves. Might want to work on shortening that up a bit guys.

  3. NoOneIsListeningToYou

    Don’t be surprised when it comes out that all his friends call him Herb and that once again Sarah was right. Also, you need to get better video, this tape seems to have been edited. Just sayin…

    1. GaltsGirl

      The entire interview is available all over the internet. All you have to do is search.

  4. arlenearmy

    I saw that same show & wondered who she was talking about. Of all the candidates on that stage, Herman Cain has the most simplest name. Just goes to show you that HERMAN Cain was the farthest thing from Palin’s mind. She’s pandering in Cain’s direction for obvious reason. I think the flowering remarks she gave for HERB is her trying to ease forward to announcing that she is not going to run. The clock is ticking.

    Also, tonite was 1st time Ive noticed that Foxnews did not put “Foxnews Contributor” under her name. The ID Caption was “Former Governor”. So Im wondering if she still has a job.

  5. Taylor

    nope. . . do not like. I love you Sarah, but not knowing the name of a semi-ideologically aligned candidate is just not right.

    Sarah, I am disappoint.