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Charity From The Church. What A Concept!

I’m a Christian.  A very strong one, as a matter of fact, but over the years I’ve allowed myself to become quite jaded with the Church.  The Church, after all, is administrated by man and as such is just as corrupt as any other human agency, but a church called Liquid Church in New Jersey has caused me to take another look.

This past Sunday, the Church sent around the collection plate in what would appear to be a normal offering, but this time, instead of putting money into the plate, parishioners were told to take an envelope out of the plate.

Inside the envelope was either a $10, $20, or $50 bill.  In total, the church gave away $30,000 for this event, which Senior Pastor Tim Lucas said was to:

“teach churchgoers that faith in God, not government, is the only route to recovery in this financial crisis”.

Wow!  An argument that conservatives have been making for decades is that the reason we have the welfare state that we have is because churches have dropped the ball and left government to pick up the pieces.  If more churches would do things like this, there might come a time when the social programs like we currently have them won’t have a reason to exist.

The church plans to donate an additional $60,000 to various projects in the northern New Jersey counties they serve.

Bravo, Pastor Lucas.  Keep it up!


NBC New York

Libertarianism Today

Voltaire Portrait

Voltaire at 24

With the formation of the Tea Party, the emergence of Rep. Ron Paul in 3rd place in a number of presidential polls, and the prominence of such think tanks as Reason and Cato, libertarianism has been in the public eye recently. However, the philosophy was neglected for years; and its concepts still are unclear to many. Libertarianism isn’t a new thing, in fact it is quite old in origin. Adam Smith and Thomas Jefferson were two of libertarianism’s influential fore-bearers, or as it they were called at the time, liberals (obviously the meaning of liberalism has changed since then). Another 18th Century classical liberal writer/philosopher Voltaire famously wrote, “If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.” This is a thought provoking quote that could possibly offend some religious people, but libertarians have never been afraid of being called offensive. Voltaire became widely renown for his brilliance, wit, and snark; many traits that describe his modern intellectual counterparts.

Libertarian Definition JPG

Yes, libertarians often say things that are thought provoking and offensive to the core beliefs of many. Possibly more annoying, they usually speak with great confidence, even arrogance at times, about their convictions and are able to soundly defend their arguments from emotionally driven attacks. Some have complained that libertarians talk down to people in debates/discussions, and I’ve even had to stop myself while doing it. I do agree that many libertarian intellectuals act like the right’s counter to the limousine liberal elites; and with that in mind, it could be pointed out that such an attitude could easily be a turn off to some voters.

While I agree that the concern should be noted, there are reasons for this. Libertarians don’t try to win a popularity contest, nor would they ever consider voting for a “less of the evils” candidate based on electability If it was an option, libertarians would happily nominate a constitutional robot who was incapable of delivering presidential addresses or emotionally appealing to the population of the nation; who instead would spend his time repealing a hundred years worth of unconstitutional legislation. They understand that they spend their time “fighting the good fight”, stated differently, that a 3rd party doesn’t stand a chance in America so they fight a futile battle trying their best to impact the national debate and standing for what they believe in.

Libertarians have to explain the same things over and over again and this becomes tiresome. They don’t always know what their audience knows and doesn’t know, which can cause problems when explaining issues. They won’t waste time trying to appeal to people with platitudes and generalities, but instead, they will discuss in depth policy proposals and historical evidence. Libertarians in this regard are among the most well informed of people from any ideology. Libertarians can easily become disgruntled, having for years been taken advantage of by the republican party. Libertarians are often grouped in with the “conservative coalition”, yet they are perhaps the only group that never gets a bone thrown to them.

Libertarians are the Rodney Dangerfields of the republican party, they never get any respect. When Michele Bachmann was in Charleston for Congressman Tim Scott’s “First in the South” presidential candidates forum last month she described how a united republican/conservative coalition would put a filibuster proof majority in the senate. The coalition she described was: social conservatives, fiscal conservatives, national security conservatives, and libertarians. Maybe she has a point, maybe if we found candidates that fit those four descriptions, the republican party and the country would be in better shape. The problem? Social conservatives and so-called national security conservatives can easily clash with libertarians. The typical republican solution? Keep playing to the social conservative and “national security” conservatives and the libertarians will have to vote for us because they’ll have nowhere else to go.

As Jonah Goldberg wrote, “As you know, I consider Libertarians to be like Celtic barbarians deployed by British kings in the Middle Ages against the Scots or the French. They are extremely useful for fighting your enemies, but you would never want one to actually sit on the throne.” I like Jonah Goldberg, I think he is smart and witty, but I find his analogy to be both humorous as well as sad because I know there are a number of others who feel the same way. Obviously the problem with his comparison is that, unlike barbarians, the libertarian goal isn’t to rape and pillage, but instead to encourage the people to keep all of their stuff and live as they please (so long as it doesn’t harm anyone else). As Neal Boortz joked, “Have you heard about the vast libertarian conspiracy? They want to take over the government and then leave you the hell alone.”

Not since the early 1960s was there a time when it was possible for the government to spend less than the year before. Not that I think we had too little government in the 60s, but at least since then, libertarians have been an enslaved bunch. President after president, regardless of party, has stuck it to them. The past 11 years has been particularly hard on libertarians, as republican President Bush doubled the size of government, only to have democrat President Obama to double it again. The results have yielded less freedom and less economic prosperity.

Leaving SignWith the formation and growth of the tea party movement, libertarians see a glimpse of hope for the first time in likely their entire lives. The tea party runs candidates in the republican party who regularly fight the rest of the republican party. My hope, and the hope of other libertarians, is that the republican party with at the very least throw us a few bones every once in a while. Otherwise part of the politically active base that is relied upon for electoral support, despite not having anything to show for it, may one day return the neglect.


The Herminator Rises: Herman Cain and the Impossible Campaign

The Herminator asks voters to get on the Cain Train

Herman Cain emerged as the victor in the Florida Republican straw poll on Saturday, startling many voters and pundits alike. The consensus of the media seems to be that the battle for the Republican nomination is exclusively between Mitt Romney and Rick Perry; however, Cain has been running a steady campaign that slowly seems to be picking up steam. What is particularly impressive about the Cain campaign is that while his fund raising has been characterized as anemic up to this point, and his infrastructure skeletal at best, he has continued to gain momentum among voters with every appearance. Cain’s win in the Florida straw poll may also change those characterizations. A spokesperson for the Cain camp says that in the two days following the debate they have added several thousand new donors and raised more money than in the entire campaign season thus far.

The win in Florida was mitigated by several other factors. Mitt Romney, who placed third in the polls, declined to participate. Michele Bachmann and Gary Johnson also bowed out of the polls. Front runner Rick Perry has been struggling with poor debate showings and lingering discomfort among many conservatives regarding his support for the Texas Dream Act for illegal aliens.

However, all those factors don’t give a complete picture of why the Cain campaign continues to gain amazing momentum. Herman Cain looked like an impossible candidate from the beginning. A former pizza company CEO and radio host, Cain has never held public office. He was virtually ignored by the mainstream media until very recently, being brushed aside as an “un-serious” candidate next to the specter of professional politicians such as Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. He has also faced biting and demeaning racist opposition from the likes of media personalities such as Janeane Garofalo and Keith Olberman, who claim Cain is simply an “Uncle Tom, Stockholm Syndrome-suffering” candidate to make the tea party feel better about their inherent racism. He’s been lampooned by comedians and writers as “the pizza guy”. Even for many conservatives, Herman Cain was more of a dream nominee than a viable choice. The road to the nomination did not seem destined to lead very far for Cain. However, the very issues that make Cain a questionable candidate also seem to be working in his favor. In light of the political explosion of the anti-establishment tea party, a man with no real ties to the Washington culture seems very attractive. Here is a candidate who hasn’t yet been sullied by the culture of corruption that has been accepted for far too long as the business of the day in our capital. He has not been surrounded by the machine of government so long that he has forfeited his own real-world logic and reasoning. Politicians promising the world have been the order of the day in America for a very long time. When we finally woke up as an electorate and looked at the books, we realized they have been grossly irresponsible with their time, our money, and the futures of our children. Voters are becoming leery of lifetime politicians and Cain represents the antithesis of those figures. Additionally, in the most economically stressful time in generations, Cain brings a business mind to the spending issues in Washington, and many put-upon tax payers find that invigorating. In an era in which politicians carefully poll every syllable, Herman Cain seems to provide a refreshing candor, often times speaking to large crowds as though they were guests at his kitchen table at home. Cain talks like a common man, but has the pedigree and experience of a leader, another quality that seems to add to his magnetism. He also has the backing of many tea partiers, and there can be no question that tea party influence is becoming huge force in the political sphere.

Cain has been recording stronger and stronger showings in each debate. Although the general consensus is that he is weak on foreign policy, most Cain supporters seem to feel comfortable with that. Our foreign affairs are extremely important to national security, but foremost on the minds of most Americans is the state of our economy (which Cain is strong on) and any President can surround himself with knowledgeable advisers who can help him skillfully navigate the waters of international diplomacy. Add to that the obvious fact that Cain has been doing his homework between each debate and the issue of his foreign policy inexperience seems to become more and more of a non-issue.

Until this point, Cain has polled well among conservative voters, but not well enough to emerge as a leader. It is quite common to hear potential voters say they like Cain, but don’t think he can win. That sentiment bears out in Cain’s previous fundraising totals.  However, after a weekend like this past in Florida, all that is changing…and it begs the question: why can’t Herman Cain win?  Perhaps it is not just the politicians who have become jaded and corrupt.  Even in our own minds as voters we seem resigned to accept the establishment candidate will simply be thrust upon us. But if every person who admits they like Cain as a nominee actually voted for Cain in the primaries, could he pull off the ultimate upset?  As we draw closer to primary voting, perhaps it is time to start questioning our own values and responsibilities as voters.  Are we capitulating to the media’s pick, simply because its easier and “better than Barry”, or are we willing to think outside of the Beltway Box and put our votes where our mouths (and hearts) are?  Only time will tell, and there is a lot more debating and political theater to endure before then. One thing is for sure: the Cain Train is rolling and picking up steam. How many Americans get their ticket for the ride remains to be seen.

Mayor Bloomberg's Latest Bombshells Land on Obama and Buffet Bedpals

The mayor of NYC, Michael Bloomberg who can not seem to stay out of the media circus for even one short weekend lately, as was witnessed by his latest episode of  TV stardom-fueled narcissism on NBC’s  Meet The Press this past weekend. Bloomberg, who himself is listed to as one of the evil rich people Barack Obama and Warren Buffett are saying need to be taxed more with an estimated worth of some $19 billion dollars, pulled no punches in an interview with DavidGregory on Sunday. While Bloomberg is considered by most people to be a leftward leaning Liberal Independent nowadays, he came out swinging at the Obama-Buffett tax the rich more scheme, that is deeply rooted  in Obama’s fake American Jobs Act.

First, Bloomberg jumped right on the neck of fellow billionaire Warren Buffet, for whom Obama recently named The Buffett Rule  after.  “The Buffett thing is just theatrics. If Warren Buffett made his money from ordinary income rather than capital gains, his tax rate would be a lot higher than his secretary’s. And, in fact, a very small percentage of people in this country pay a big chunk on their taxes.”

Translation of the above statement: ” Keep your hands off of my billions, Buffet and get an honest job to make your own money for once,  instead of dodging paying your own fair share by claiming it all under the lower-taxed capital gains loophole rates, if you really want to pay your fair share.”

Mayor Bloomberg also backhands President Obama with his view of just what he thinks of  the Obama-Buffett tax the rich scheme, when he stated that he wasn’t impressed with Obama’s class warfare tactics, including Buffett’s supposedly begging to be taxed more rhetoric.  We have to wonder if the mayor will be getting a call from the Chicago-Bully-Pulpit posing as the White House administration today about that statement.

Mayor Bloomberg even took it a step further in this interview on Meet The Press,  when he mentioned his support for a supposed third party candidate in 2012, and tossed out the name Americans Elect 2012.  The goal of Americans Elect is to “nominate a presidential ticket that answers directly to voters, not the political system.” “But if somebody wants to run, you know, there’s this organization that’s going to be able to get you on the ballot in all 50 states,” Bloomberg said, adding “That’s good for democracy.”

Mayor Bloomberg also made an attempt to explain Barack Obama’s class warfare in the interview when he said, “You can’t define what’s middle class, what is wealthy, what is poor,” Bloomberg said. “Every time you have a jump, people play games to get on one side or another. And I think it’s not fair to say that wealthy people don’t pay their fair share. They pay a much higher percentage of their income. They have a higher rate than people who make less.”


While it is very refreshing to see Mayor Bloomberg taking on the Liberal Establishment’s blatant class warfare that is critical to Obama’s reelection campaign, we also have to wonder just what Obama and company will counter-attack with in the coming days, and whether or not we will see a quieter, less vocal Mayor Bloomberg after the Chicago political machine gets winds of this interview and expresses their displeasure with the Mayor’s exposing Obama’s class warfare rhetoric that they deny even exists.   Mayor Bloomberg is also a media-mogul who  would be a dangerous person to try to silence with Chicago-style thuggery, and also just happens to represent the massive voting block known as New York City.  This could certainly get very interesting in the very near future.


Obama Speaks To The Congressional Black Caucus That Called Herman Cain An "Oreo"

On Saturday (September 24, 2011) President Barack Obama spoke to the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). Responding to allegations that he not doing enough to ease black unemployment (which is currently 16.7%), and is “giving in” too much to Republicans, he said, “Take off your bedroom slippers. Put on your marching shoes. Shake it off. Stop complainin’. Stop grumblin’. Stop cryin’. We are going to press on. We have work to do.” He also said, “It gets folks discouraged. I know. I listen to some of y’all. I need your help.” Acknowledging that blacks have suffered from this recession, he continued, “So many people are still hurting. So many people are barely hanging on.” Then he added, “And so many people in this city are fighting us every step of the way.”

But not everyone is convinced by Obama’s speech. Erik Todd Dellums, a blog writer and actor who is the son of former Rep. Ron Dellums (D-CA) said, “I don’t think that the president is leading from a place of compassion. I think he’s leading from a place of fear right now. I don’t really understand what is going on.” “The president is in a unique place and I think he’s failing himself truly. And I think, race has something to do with this,” said Dellums.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) caused a commotion in August, 2011, when she asked black constituents, …”let us know it is time to let go, we’ll let go.” “Our people are hurting,” said Waters. “The unemployment is unconscionable; we don’t know what the strategy is. We don’t know why on this trip [Obama’s “Jobs” bus tour] that he’s in the United States, not in any black communities, we don’t know that.” The Congressional Black Caucus loves the president too. We’re supportive of the president, but we’re getting tired, ya’ll. We’re getting tired. And so, what we want to do is, we want to give the president every opportunity to show what he can do and what he’s prepared to lead on. We want to give him every opportunity, but our people are hurting.”

BTW, that is same CBC that is now calling the Tea Party “racist” and is calling Rep. Herman Cain (and Rep. Allen West) “oreos.” Several CBC members questioned the “blackness” of Cain and West, and at least one called them “oreos” – a racial slur meaning one who is “black on the outside, but white on the inside.” The definition is as racist as one can get, but these CBC members had no problem using it.

Several CBC members said the Tea Party is racist because it came into existence during the Obama Administration, with one member calling it a response to “having a black man in office.” That, for the CBC, was proof the group is racist. “They came about at a time where most of America was relishing in the fact that the country had changed in a symbolic way and an African-American was elected President,” one CBC member said.

Perhaps this country did not NEED a Tea Party before Obama became president.

But that’s just my opinion.

Barack Obama Steamrolls Towards Full Panic Mode in Latest Fundraiser Speech

In looking back at past presidential reelection campaigns, we see that an incumbent president faces the dilemma of having to fend off vigorous challengers for his job, while also having to be politically correct and acting somewhat presidential in public at the same time. When a sitting U.S. President comes out with blatant untruths and nasty, vitriolic rhetoric towards an as-yet-not-chosen adversary, (some 13 months before the elections) they come off as petty tyrants fearful of losing power, not presidential.  In another campaign fundraiser speech in San Diego California last night, Barack Obama proves to be in early panic mode, while also proving himself to be the greatest denier of reality to ever take a podium in America. There is also a glaring example of how Barack Obama is once again caught stating things that are simply not true in order to woo deep-pocketed Liberals.


Barack Obama has stated many times that he does not, in fact watch the GOP debates, as if to portray to the people that he is unbeatable in his 2012 reelection bid. Then he proves to the nation that he does in fact watch the debates in several of his statements last night at another fundraiser in San Diego:

“I mean has anybody been watching the debates lately?” Obama said. “You’ve got a governor whose state is on fire denying climate change.”  So much for denying that you are paying much attention to the GOP debates, Mr. President. Yes, the Presidential incumbent panic mode appears to be ramping up considerably within the Obama reelection community ever since Governor Rick Perry entered the race. Notice that Rick Perry was made the main target right off the bat last night? So Texas has had wildfires, and Barack Obama believes that it proves the liberal global warming propaganda of today to be a fact. Here is a little history lesson the president might want to acknowledge from CNN’s History of Wildfires:

Miramichi Fire

After a summer of sparse rain, sporadic wildfires in Maine and the Canadian province of New Brunswick reached disastrous levels in October 1825. Strong winds spurred the conflagration, which burned through forests and settlements in Maine and along the Miramichi River in Canada. Among the worst wildfires in North American history, the Miramichi fire burned 3 million acres, killed 160 people and left 15,000 homeless. ( emphasis mine)

Considering that in 1885, (some 60 years after the Miramichi wildfire) German mechanical engineer, Karl Benz designed and built the world’s first practical automobile to be powered by an internal-combustion engine. On January 29, 1886, Benz received the first patent (DRP No. 37435) for a gas-fueled car, we see that the biggest wildfires in U.S history did not have a single thing to do with climate change and gasoline-burning cars, period.  Barack Obama wants you to believe otherwise, which is why he uses the Liberal Climate Change propaganda as a main plank in his reelection campaign speeches. In this example here, he also uses it to bash Texas Governor Rick Perry at the same time.  In the meantime Barack Obama would like everyone to run out and buy a Chevy Volt from Government-Union- Motors, (GM)  even though the state of Texas is facing shortages of electricity largely due to Obama’s Extreme Political Activists (EPA) forcing the closure of major coal-burning electricity  plants due to the over-regulation based on their junk science. At the same time, let’s also acknowledge the fact that Barack Obama is flying around the country on the taxpayer’s pollution-spewing corporate jet while Congress is still mired in the FEMA funding stalemate. The very same taxpayer-paid FEMA funding that was created to help with tragedies such as the people of Texas whom are currently trying to recover from massive wildfires.  The tax dollars taken from the working class people to pay for FEMA programs are to be used to help states and cities recover from natural disasters, not your political agenda Mr. President.  Get back to Washington D.C and tell Senate majority tyrant Harry Reid that also.  WE The People are coming to take back  our Liberty in the 2012 elections, and Barack Obama darn well knows it.

A United States President spending too much time on the campaign trail 13 months before the elections points to a president in full panic mode. This current taxpayer-funded campaign trip will hit the Liberal cities of  Seattle, Wash., to Medina in the home of  former Microsoft executive Jon Shirely, to two more fundraising events in California’s silicone valley, to last night’s speech in San Diego, and finally ending up in Denver, Colorado. Is it any wonder as to why Barack Obama is widely portrayed as leaving this country leaderless while spending countless days on the campaign trail such as this latest one?  Being our President means leading this country in solving the endless problems in Congress that currently plague this nation, not running around the country begging hypocritical crony-capitalists for $35,800 a seat just to help spread your campaign propaganda. America needs a leader today, not a campaigner in chief.


Barack Obama is so out of touch with reality about just how the American people truly feel about his failure to deliver on his promises of the 2008 campaign, along with how disgusted they are with his economy-crushing policy agenda, that he all but calls them completely ignorant morons in the following statement. Obama said 2012 would be an especially tough election because people are discouraged and disillusioned with government, but he also said he was determined because so much is at stake. (Panic city proven right there) We The People are Disillusioned? With Americans currently staring at 9% unemployment, record housing foreclosures, very high gasoline prices, a country that hasn’t had a firm budget going on 3 straight years of Democratic rule, $15 trillion dollars of debt being slapped onto the backs of our children, our very own government caught red-handing enabling the sale of assault weapons to Mexican drug cartels, the Solyndra solar panel pay-for-play Democratic slush fund that cost taxpayers half a billion dollars, the Obama-care destruction of our health-care system looming, along with the collapse of  our Social Security/Medicare fund due to Democrat’s refusal to address the unfunded liabilities in it that has many Seniors in fear for their survival, and you say WE The People are somehow disillusioned?  Those facts  say that you are the one who is truly disillusioned Mr. President, not We The People.

Further proof of the Obama-panic-mode setting in can be found in the yet another statement made in San Diego, ( not to mention that it contains a very nasty lie) when Obama referred to the Floridians at the most recent GOP debate:  “It’s true. You’ve got audiences cheering at the prospect of somebody dying because they don’t have healthcare”  For a sitting President to tell that ludicrous lie as a pathetic attempt to denounce the folks of  Florida at the GOP debate is petty and disgusting, to say the least. It also shows just how out of touch with the reality of the voting public that Barack Hussein Obama really is.  Obama now has an actual record that he must defend in an election, and that record now points to an abysmal failure of his policies and incompetence. So what is an incumbent President to do to remain in the White House for four more years while staring in the face of record disapproval ratings? He has nothing more to offer than to revert back to the undefined hope and change rhetoric of 2008, and hope that Americans will be fooled by his supposed charm and charisma, with an added  dose of class warfare thrown in, as is the usual pattern that fake Democrat’s have used throughout history to cover up their agenda and remain in power.  Since the 2012 election campaign of Barack Obama will be pretty much a 2008 Hope n Change 2.0 retread, let’s revisit that campaign as a reminder of how uniformed the American public was when they were duped into voting for this community organizer in chief.

In the 2008 Presidential elections, we all heard candidate Obama state that we are just 8 days away from, “fundamentally transforming America.” Almost 3 years into his presidency, Americans are now realizing that Barack Obama’s main agenda is exposed as a Liberal anti-capitalistic ideology of transforming America into a failed Socialist nation through Marxist wealth redistribution policies. And they do not like it one bit.  Campaigner-in-Chief Barack Obama also reiterates his Marxist transformation of America platform in this statement, also made in San Diego last night:  “This is a choice about the fundamental direction of our country,” the president said. “2008 was an important direction. 2012 is a more important election.”  Damn straight Mr. President, the 2012 elections are indeed a choice about the direction that America has been heading in since you were elected on the undefined hope and change fraud in 2008, and we intend to change that direction for the betterment of all Americans in 2012, simply by ensuring that you are a one-term President. (Relegated to the dustbin of  other presidential failures in U.S. history, such as Mr. Jimmy Carter.)  Carter was simply a Liberal- Democratic  puppet,  surrounded by a slew of  economically- illiterate advisers, while you, on the other hand have proven yourself to be an anti-American, conniving long-time student of Weather-underground  terrorist Bill Ayers and the radical community organizer Saul Alinsky,  hell-bent on destroying American freedoms and liberty through the collapse/takeover/government intrusion into the very American capitalistic system that has made us the greatest nation on earth for over two hundred years.  If  Barack Obama thinks that  We The People  will allow him to continue to destroy American culture and Liberty through another fours years of his Marxist policies, he is the one who is truly disillusioned. (In the above link we see a long list of Alinsky students, including democrats Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Miller, and ex-Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. )


In summary, we will end this short  Obama campaign-panic-mode expose’ with a quote straight from Barack Obama’s life-long mentor, Bill Ayers:  ” The only path to the final defeat of  imperialism and the building of socialism is revolutionary war.”  Barack Obama’s first major political announcement was back in 1995 when he announced his intentions of running for the U.S. Senate…. from Bill Ayers living room.  For a very serious, detailed history of just how Barack Obama was injected into American politics, who was behind it all, and a better understanding of the Obama agenda of today,  check out  The Obama File.

Barack Obama must once again fool the American voting public into ignoring  his proven deep seated radical ideology, in which America is brought to her knees by collapsing our country under the weight of big government Socialism using the Bill Ayers/Saul Alinsky taught Marxist revolutionary tactics of class warfare and wealth redistribution to divide the country and remain in power. America has recently awakened to the reality that another four years of Barack Obama  could truly transform America…. to the detriment of the American way of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without government intervention. This is what the 2012 Presidential elections comes down to, a vote for American freedoms and prosperity, or a vote for the stealth Socialism that Barack Obama is currently injecting into the American way of life.









Lipton vs. The Burqa

In a stunning announcement that will guarantee King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia a place in history next to Susan B Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Nancy Pelosi….. well….

OK, his worship has decreed that, starting in 2015, women will gain the right to run and vote in local elections for the first time in the history of the kingdom.  Of course, they still can’t drive or show their faces in public, but they will have the right to dip their fingers in the purple ink.

In his announcement that came at his annual address to the Shura Council, the king said, “We refuse to marginalize the role of women in Saudi society and in every aspect, within the rules of Sharia.”  Evidently driving a car doesn’t fall into the category of “every aspect”, but it is significant progress.

Municipal elections are a fairly new phenomenon in Saudi life as it is, as the institution was not established until 2005.  So in the grand scheme of things in the oil rich country, 10 years doesn’t seem all that bad.

Indeed, this is a significant leap forward for the women of Saudi Arabia.  Abdullah, who is considered a reformer, may have used the act to placate Saudi women, especially in light of the massive unrest that has swept the region.

It is not my intention to belittle the women’s courageous stance or the king’s forward thinking (which actually is pretty radical for that area of the world).  What I do want to point out is how the White House invariably will release statements applauding the king’s actions, but will continue to malign the “Tea Party” as racist, sexist, homophobic and bigoted.

To date, no one who has truly been affiliated or even loosely associated with the Tea Party Movement, has ever demanded our women cover their faces; no one has ever demanded that they gives up their drivers licenses (I REALLY could make a woman driver joke here but…) and, contrary to some media reports and democrat insinuations, NO ONE in the movement advocates racism, sexism or any other discrimination – as demonstrated by Herman Cain’s victory in the Florida Republican straw poll last Saturday.

Will their ever be a time when our politicians, on both sides, will return to intellectual honesty?  Yes, celebrate with the women of Saudi Arabia who, after centuries of inequality, are getting a glimpse of freedom, but let’s keep it in perspective and realize that just because your political opponent doesn’t want to run up ungodly debt, it doesn’t mean they are bigots.

So, if you are going to praise the Saudi king for his actions, be prepared to do so for Americans who just their country live on for their kids.


The Gipper’s Protege

Obama and the Democrats have been eager lately to compare their “messiah” with Ronald Reagan. How they can do this and simultaneously decry him is of course a paradox only the Democrats can get away with. But since Obama is so eager to channel the Gipper, perhaps a comparison of the two bears examination.

Actually, there are a few similarities between them. Both ran on the promise of economic change and both inherited economies that were in the throes of a recession, in part caused by the policies of their predecessors. However, while the state of the economy may have been similar upon their respective inaugurations, that is about as far as the similarities go. The attitudes of Obama and Reagan could not be more different.

Reagan, of course, campaigned against the ineptitude of Jimmy Carter and his spending policies, blaming him, and rightfully so, for the economic woes of the time period. Unlike Obama though, once he stepped into office, Reagan actually took action to fulfill his campaign promises. He did not merely endlessly whine about Carter’s policies and their detrimental effect on the economy, nor did he blame economic headwinds. Rather, Reagan took action- cutting taxes, increasing work incentives and deregulating the economy. As a result of this, according to the Heritage Foundation, the GDP grew a total of 35.7% between 1983 and 1990. Obama on the other hand, continues to advocate massively expensive, intrusive New Deal reminiscent policies, despite the fact that such programs were not successful for FDR. And when, unsurprisingly, they haven’t worked either this time, all he can do is complain about economic head winds, and of course, blame Bush.

Economic policies aside, the attitudes with which Reagan and Obama have approached their presidency are also polar opposites. Reagan’s personality is perhaps chiefly what makes him so memorable and endearing, even to those of us who were not alive during his presidency. He had the ability to do what most politicians cannot- make fun of himself, and even his opponents without anyone taking serious offense. But despite his lighthearted manner, he still was very much a respected figure of authority and could take charge of a situation. Unlike Reagan, who famously said, in response to a question about his own age, that he wouldn’t take advantage of Walter Mondale’s youth and inexperience, Obama lacks the ability to joke about himself and position, and he certainly doesn’t treat his opponents with the same respect Reagan did. Obama has even called the Republicans enemies in the past, and despite the media’s promise to take more responsibility in eliminating so called ‘violent rhetoric’ from the public stage, he and his administration have had no harsh words when members of his own party have called Republicans terrorists and Nazis.

So maybe next time Obama gets up to speak before the nation, he can take a moment to conjure up the image of the man he supposedly is emulating, and speak with a grin on his face, a joke in his heart, and the knowledge that he alone is responsible for the actions of his administration, because in the words of the great Gipper himself “There are no easy answers, but there are simple answers. We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right.”

Hurricane Herman Rocks Florida in GOP Straw Poll [Analysis]

While the sensational-ism screaming media-maniacs across the nation are trumpeting Herman Cain’s impressive blowout of the 2012 GOP presidential field as some kind of anomaly that really shouldn’t have happened, this Floridian simply wonders why it didn’t happen sooner. Herman Cain has been very impressive and pretty much gaff-free in all of the debates leading up to this one in Orlando, Florida.  Just like most of the nation today, Florida is a very divided state due to the dangers of the D.C. debt machine and the class warfare that comes with it. Herman Cain is a proven common sense problem solver, and lord knows we have some huge problems to deal with starting in 2013, when Barack Obama will attempt to slap another four years of high unemployment, inflation and stagnant-to- negative  economic numbers onto the backs of working class taxpayers across the nation in his reelection bid.  Predictably, America will not fall for that con job again.


Hurricane Herman Cain won the Orlando GOP straw poll by a landslide. The Liberal media will have a field day trying to make this out to be anything other than this this truth:  We have one of the most diverse, powerfully conservative Republican Presidential candidate fields in all of American history right now before us, some 13  months before the elections. 

Eventually, this field will have to be narrowed down to five or six candidates as 2012 fast approaches. Herman Cain now appears to have to have cemented his place in that field. Herman Cain was very impressive in this debate, but let’s not discount the powerful speech he made at the Orlando CPAC  on Saturday. During this speech we saw just how far Herman Cain has come in his ability to communicate with an audience in the last 6 months or so. Just like a Florida hurricane, Mr. Cain started his speech by building a quiet momentum, slowly emphasizing his conservative principles and his idea of what it will take to pull America out of the largely proven to be Democratic mess of recent years.

The Hurri-Cain ( spelling intended) then picks up speed and intensity in his somewhat ministerial style as he belts out the following statement: “Stupid people are ruining America.” The loudly enthused audience at this time has been shocked into quiet murmuring while they ponder the weight and truth of that last statement. It is not unlike when people hear hurricane warnings here in Florida, choose to ignore them, and then stand there starstruck at the reality of the destructive power upon actually seeing a hurricane bear down on them. (Yes, while it is blatantly stupid to ignore hurricane warnings and not take shelter to avoid being killed by it, just as it is  stupid to ignore the dangers of the Obama-debt machine of today and the dangers it poses to All Americans in order to vote for race-based class warfare and a largely undefined hope and change con job.)

‘ The Hurri-Cain then calmly reengages the crowd with very detailed bullet points after the ‘stupid people are ruining America’ statement, which is very similar to the calmness inherent in the eye of a hurricane when it pass over an area, such as say,  Orlando Florida, as it did this past weekend. Then the Hurri-Cain really picks up steam again in his Orlando CPAC speech and really snatches up the attention of the  crowd with the power of his words and the truths they carry. I found myself waiting for the Hurri-Cain to smash the podium to pieces as he ratcheted up his speech to feverish heights near the end.  Then, just like  a Florida Hurricane after it completely ravishes an area and moves on,  The Hurri-Cain calmly waves at the crowd and exits the stage leaving them breathless. Just in case you missed what I consider to be the best, most powerful Conservative speech of the Orlando CPAC event this past weekend, just watch The Hurri-Cain rip up Orlando in the following video of his CPAC- Orlando speech:

Cain’s CPAC speech-

Here’s Cain describing his 9-9-9 tax plan:


Nice job in speaking for all concerned  Americans today, Mr. Cain and congratulations on a well deserved straw poll victory. Stay tuned, as the Hurri-Cain could very well soon be coming to your town or state with his forceful conservative message for America!



White House adviser: Obama and Senate powerless against TEA Partiers .. or something

The White House is now admitting that it is powerless against the TEA party freshmen in the House of Representatives. David Plouffe, a senior Obama adviser said “We’re not going to make progress on the deficit, on things we can do right now for jobs, on tax cuts, unless those 30 or 40 Tea Party members of the Republican House stop being the focal point of our discussion”.

So unless the Conservative freshmen quit leading, the Obama administration and Democrat Senate can’t get anything done. Controlling half of Congress and the White House isn’t enough, without a mandate – Obama is impotent.

By Plouffe’s admission, the White House is now realizing what almost 200 million Americans already know – Obama is unable to lead and Harry Reid is nothing more than a do-nothing obstructionist. Now, they are trying to spin the news as some in Congress are stepping-up to fill the void left by an ineffective President and Senate. Elections do have consequences Mr. Plouffe.

This  “blame the TEA partiers” kerfluffle is over the latest in an almost three year string of continuing resolutions (CR) being used to fund the government until the Democrat-led Senate passes a budget – if Harry Reid’s band of do-nothings ever passes a budget.

At just over a trillion dollars, this CR left the House with $3.7 Billion to fund FEMA for disasters which was offset by $200 million in cuts to alternative energy subsidies – one of Obama’s so-called loopholes.

Plouffe also used the “stop playing politics” line now becoming tired rhetoric from the current administration. He said that the House version of the bill would cost jobs. How? By cutting the gifts to green energy companies?  Solyndra anyone?

While Plouffe and Reid are complaining that the TEA partiers are holding the government hostage, so far the House freshmen are the only ones driving responsible funding bills. The GOP-led House is the only body to pass a budget.

After the bill was voted down in the Senate, leader Harry Reid offered a substitute that re-instated the tax payer subsidies and grants to alternative energy companies. While a procedural vote is scheduled for Monday, the bill is expected to suffer a quick death as it does not offer any offsets to the increased spending that it requires.

Whining seems to be the modus operandii of the Obama administration lately:

  • Complaining that the top 1% don’t pay enough in taxes (they pay 38% of all income taxes)
  • Whining to the Congressional Black Caucus that they are whining (this is probably accurate)
  • Complaining that Conservatives are getting too much attention (more than twice the number of Americans identify as Conservative vs. Liberal Mr. President)
  • Crying that the TEA Party freshmen won’t let him spend as much as he wants (elections have consequences)

The President may want to listen to his own speeches. In his most recent address to the Congressional Black Caucus he told them to “quit complaining, quit crying..” – it is often best to take your own advice if you want others to follow Mr. President.

State of UN and the State of Palestine

Today the “Palestinian” leader Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas formally requested full recognition of Palestinian statehood from the United Nations.  Of course the United States raised their half-hearted objection.  The essence of President Obama’s oratory to the esteemed assemblage was “Please don’t Let the Palestinians ruin my re-election?”

Benjamin Netanyahu, of Israel gave an impassioned and reasonable speech which lasted 36 minutes.  He made sense and demonstrated to the crowd of closed minded ambassadors of the world that there ought not be a “Palestinian” state unless they were willing to pursue peace rather than Israel’s annihilation.

Rest assured the the congress of international fools ignored reason, demonstrated that Obama has no world stature, and gave the Abbas and is assassins and terrorist a nod of approval and a round of applause.

I opened as I did to assure that nobody mistakes where I stand on this issue.  But, let me offer some objective information for the three reasonable people that remain in the universe.

One of the four original tenants contained in the United Nations Charter states “To achieve international co-operation in solving international problems of an economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian character, and in promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion.”  This charter was adopted in the late 1040s.  It has been tucked in the back of the diplomat’s lockers under their dirty sweat socks for over fifty years.  It is stained, faded, folded and mutilated, but certainly not a guiding principle of that institution.

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Could Herman Cain Become The REAL First Black President?

Fresh from his stunning victory in the Florida Republican Straw Poll with 37 percent of the vote – “The Herminator” – Herman Cain has vaulted into a position of respect and serious consideration for the Republican nomination for President of the United States. Cain won in a landslide, besting runner-up, Texas Governor Rick Perry, who finished a dismal second with 15% of the vote.

For those who may still be unfamiliar with the personable Cain; he was born on December 13, 1945 in Memphis, Tennessee, to Luther and Lenora Cain and, if elected, would become the first President of the United States who could honestly claim himself to be black.

Can you just imagine the exploding heads of left-wing Democrats if a black Conservative Republican were to take up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

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