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Say “Bless You” – Get Detention!

Before I begin this article, I must first quote the words of a great orator, John McEnroe – “you have got to be kidding me??!!”

As we all know, political correctness run amok has become commonplace in today’s society – particularly when it comes to religious expression. It has obviously reached the point that those who seek to purge religion from the public arena in all forms have totally abandoned subtlety in their modus operandi.

Steve Cuckovich, a health teacher in California has decided the common colloquialism “God bless you” is no longer acceptable to him in his classroom. According to Cuckovich, “it’s not got anything to do with religion, it’s got to do with an interruption of class time.”


So when someone sneezes in Mr. Cuckovich’s class, the century’s old courteous response “God bless you” is evidently off the table (ironically in a health class) because it…. “disrupts class?”


I was a classroom teacher for 15 years, elementary through high school, and had my share of sneezing kids. Not once did someone saying “God bless you” after a mighty rushing wind cause a disciplinary meltdown. Not once did it throw me off my lesson plan, cause any of the students to break out into a spontaneous riot – no alarms went off – it was even a point of levity when someone’s sneezing style sounded somewhat humorous!

As a person who has not only run several successful classrooms, but also has taught several classroom management workshops to other teachers, I can comfortably say that if your disciplinary skills are so fragile that you have to ban the commonly unsolicited, yet expected retort from a student’s sneezing like, “bless you”, then perhaps you need to seek out a good workshop on classroom management (I know of a good one) or perhaps you may need to seek out a new profession.

OF COURSE this has to do with religion!

Cuckovich went on to explain that the out of date “blessing” was first used when it was assumed that people who were sick were demon possessed. Now that modern medicine has disproved that with their infinite wisdom (the same ones who killed off the father of our country by “bleeding” all the bad blood out), there is no longer the need for the words to be uttered.

So if we are to follow the true meaning behind the ban, that this is not allowed because it may have religious implications – and that violates the first amendment – then I suppose that a 9th grader in California saying “bless you” when someone sneezes, is equivalent to Congress passing a law establishing an official religion?!!

HEY! Our problems are solved!! Let’s just get these kids to balance the budget, fix Social Security, repeal Obamacare, the works!! Tissues for everyone!!

Why am I so worked up about this? One phrase comes to mind – death by a thousand pin pricks. This is another small, yet stupid example of how politically correct we have become. A Jewish carpenter turned Savior once said, “you strain out a gnat and swallow a camel.” Can someone rescue common sense from its exile? Please?

Meet the FFB: The Largest D. C. Slush Fund Ever: Part 1

Way back in 1973, Congress created another apparent political money-laundering, graft, and bribery payout-machine, (using our tax dollars) titled  The Federal Financing Bank. (FFB) As always, when Congress creates a new way to try to steal more money from the working class taxpayers,( while trying to keep them from finding out about it ) they come up with wonderful, serious-sounding "mission statements" like the following supposed explanation of what the FFB was created for:

Federal Financing Bank The Federal Financing Bank (FFB) is a government corporation, created by Congress in 1973 under the general supervision of the Secretary of the Treasury. The FFB was established to centralize and reduce the cost of federal borrowing, as well as federally-assisted borrowing from the public. The FFB was also established to deal with federal budget management issues which occurred when off-budget financing flooded the government securities market with offers of a variety of government-backed securities that were competing with Treasury securities. Today the FFB has statutory authority to purchase any obligation issued, sold, or guaranteed by a federal agency to ensure that fully guaranteed obligations are financed efficiently

Congress created our Treasury Department in 1789 and then in 1913 created the Federal Reserve as a new U. S. central banking system.  If both the Treasury and the Federal Reserve are doing their jobs correctly, then why would congress decide to create The Federal Financing Bank in 1973?  The answer to that is the fact that there was no valid reason for creating the FFB, other than to obscure and hide the massive slush fund that Congress has given themselves in order to buy  votes and increase their power over the people.  (with your money)  I also find it highly hypocritical that certain politicians demand an audit of the Federal Reserve while ignoring this Congressional money-shifting-mafia style taxpayer-abusing fraudulent loan shark program called the FFB. One look at their July 2011 statement and we start to get a real idea of just how the tyrants of Congress view OUR tax dollars as their personal political piggy banks to buy some votes here, give relatives and friends a few billion there, all the while doing their best to make it difficult for the average taxpayer to recognize it as taxpayer abuse and fraud by creating another banking entity, and therefore creating another difficult paper trail to investigate. For the readers who do not click the link to the FFB page,  I shall include a few sections of just what they have been up to in the month of July of 2011, alone.  Note: This is the end of Sept, and we have YET to see the numbers for the FFB in August. They certainly know they are being scrutinized today for being the middleman in the Solyndra scandal among other things, so one could imagine the effort they will put into "creating" a nice clean August report, whenever they decide to grace us with that information.  First of all, how many readers even knew that the loan-sharks at the FFB "loaned" the USPS money every single day in July, 2011? Wait, I made a mistake there. The FFB loaned the USPS money every single day in July that they were open,  but sometimes,  like on July 13th,   for example, they loaned them money four times, not just once. Look right  here, if you do not believe the information stated in this article. The FFB takes however much money it wants from the U. S. Treasury and then "loans" it out as it sees fit, with little to zero Congressional oversight or input. This is mafia-style loan sharking except for one big difference: The mafia-don actually loans out his own money at super high interest rates. while the mobsters of Congress just take the taxpayer’s money from them to "loan" it out as they see fit, and if that loan goes to a relative or crony-capitalist such as Solyndra, they do not even charge them 1% interest!  Add to that the fact that Congress also often  "forgives" the interest rates on loans made to crony-capitalists, political vote buyers, and certain "colleges of color."  That’s right, as in this statement from a Fox News article by Elizabeth MacDonald yesterday, that first called my attention to the Congressional mafia-style loan sharking going on at the FFB:

For instance, the FFB has been hit with losses on loans to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, loans the Agriculture Dept. received to service rural utilities. The Agriculture Dept. is stiffing the FBB on interest it owes on these loans, a cumulative $1.7 billion in losses here.

The bank also lets the General Services Administration [GSA], as well as “Historically Black Colleges and Universities,” and the Veteran Administration slide on interest costs on their loans, too. The bank lets them defer interest costs “on their loans until future periods,” the KMPG report say.

So now our Congress thinks itself to be so all-powerful that it can break Federal anti-discrimination laws in Federal loan programs and favor one college over another based on the color of the skin of their students, and decide to forgive, or delay proper payment of the interest due on their taxpayer-funded loans. Notice how the Solyndra loans ( in link above) were  given out at a measely .01% interest rate there? The loan sharks of Congress dish out over a half a billion tax dollars to largely Democratic campaign donors, and then decide to basically do it for free? With our money. Just who in the hell do these people think they are here?  Congress has now given themselves the power to use taxpayer money to enrich themselves, their friends and relatives, and dole out billions of taxpayer dollars to phony companies and assorted dysfunctional entities like in the Solyndra Scandal of late. YES SOLYNDRA received loans from the FFB.

The FFB was akin to the mafia loan shark on the street who handed Solyndra the bag with half a billion taxpayer bucks in it, knowing darn good and well that they would be bankrupt in very short order as reports had told them YEARS before, when they were originally denied taxpayer funding by Congress and the GWB administration. Then the mafia Don, in this case the Democratic Party of tyrants in Congress, when told that Solyndra has went bankrupt and the taxpayers will not get any money back,  just shrugs his head and tells the loan collection agents not to worry about it, as it wasn’t their personal  money that was lost, it was just money he/they had stolen from the people to begin with. ( in taxes)  Easy come easy go, according to the Congressional loan sharks of today. Ms. MacDonald goes on to further show how this loan sharking "Bank" was flat broke in 2008, and yet has given out some 61 billion dollars in loans ( In just the month of July 2011 ) while Barack Obama and  the fake Democrats were ruling all of Congress. While Republicans have probably been up to their necks in this Congressional loan sharking scam in the past, thanks to the Solyndra scandal, we now see that it is mainly  Democrats who have been caught red-handed in the most recent episode of the FFB loan-sharking scheme of the past 3 years.

This little-known government bank, the Federal Financing Bank [FFB], had a zero balance in 2008 for green energy projects, but now, with little Congressional oversight, it is giving out billions of dollars in loans to White House pet projects often at dirt-cheap interest rates below 1% , plus the bank is funding the insolvent U.S. Post Office; the White House’s expensive green car projects at Ford Motor, Nissan and Tesla Motors; a $485 million loan to an expensive solar project that’s lost $160 million over the last three years that’s backed by Google, BP and Chevron; plus the FFB is funding the teetering HOPE housing bailout program, which gives delinquent mortgage borrowers breaks on their loans.

And if that isn’t enough to get your blood boiling yet, we now see the Agriculture department getting in on the pay-to-play loan sharking fraud from within the the FFB:

And according to KPMG’s audit report of the bank, the FFB is losing billions of dollars in taxpayer money because it is forgoing collecting interest costs on already inexpensive loans that are financing projects at agencies like the Agriculture Dept.

Ms. MacDonald takes it one step further in explaining that what should really have the taxpayers concerned is the fact that the loan sharking Tyrants of Congress  have now empowered themselves  through the The FFB to "borrow unlimited amounts of taxpayer money from the Treasury for these kinds of political pet projects. Under the 1973 “FFB Act, the bank may, with the approval of the Secretary, borrow without limit from the Treasury,” says the bank’s audited statements from KPMG." (emphasis mine) Considering that today’s Secretary of the Treasury is proven tax dodging felon Timothy Geitner,  it is of little comfort to the American taxpayers that all that Congress needs to access billions of dollars of the people’s money for their loan-sharking enterprise known as the FFB,  is Mr. Geitner’s approval. "The Treasury Department’s inspector general is now investigating the bank over its $528 million loan to Solyndra. FFB’s chairman of the board is Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, and the bank’s board executives are Treasury officials." How many treasury executives did you people vote into office in 2010? If you said zero you get a star, as the U.S. Treasury is a bunch of political appointees who do not have the authority to bypass the U. S. Congress in giving out taxpayer funded loans. Clear enough Mr Geitner and company? Just because the past clowns of congress in 1973 decided to create this loan sharking bank at taxpayer’s expense does not make it Constitutional. Period.

 Most people go about their lives not concerned about things like this government loan sharking scam until someone gets killed or seriously hurt by it, as in the current Fast and Furious gunrunning scandal where our very own government enabled drug cartels to purchase assault weapons resulting in the murder of border agents and hundreds of citizens in the U.S. and Mexico. By then its usually too late, the innocent citizens are dead and buried, and, in the case of the FFB,  all the money has been stolen to never be seen again.   Even then, after the fraud, graft, loan sharking and outright theft of their hard earned money is exposed as it is right here, they say well you can’t fight the government so, oh well. The problem with that is that the end result will be that eventually all the money will be gone, America will default on her $15 trillion dollars of debt, and there will be chaos in the streets due to shortages of common everyday necessities,  such as food and shelter. This is not over-stated fear-mongering, but is in fact, a serious dose of the reality of what is happening in American politics today. When this country becomes insolvent, chaos will ensue, and society will become unstable.  Similar examples of the dangers of  common  types of loan-sharking that ends up hurting everyday people, can be seen in the mafia wars in NYC and across the nation in past history. The mafia employed loan sharks who mainly used unscrupulous tactics to take advantage of poor people who otherwise could not afford a loan. In the case of the FFB loan to Solyndra, Congress was told they were a bad risk to lend money to, but Democrats could not resist the chance to fluff up their campaign coffers with a few billion tax dollars, while also getting the head Democrat, one Barack Obama on national TV to be seen by millions of Americans promoting the "Successful Solyndra Solar Company."  Hint to the eventual Republican presidential candidate  winner in 2012: The video clip of Barack Obama while actually giving a speech touting the validity of green energy companies at the now bankrupt Solyndra Solar company will make a wonderful campaign ad in 2012. Oh yes we can.


The people of NYC were also living in fear at one point in history from the mob bosses and their loan sharks, as their power increased and the blood ran deep in the streets on a daily basis during their power struggles. Loan sharks would break legs and arms if you couldn’t pay up, unless they decided to just make you disappear altogether for being unable to pay up in full.  As the power struggle during the mafia wars ratcheted up, many innocent people were killed when they were caught up in the gunfire. The people saw that  as the mob’s power increased, life got worse and worse for them, and they were not even free to walk the streets safely at night. Murder became commonplace during the height of the mafia wars in America. Today, the blatant theft of our tax dollars is now becoming commonplace, due  to political greed and the career politician’s quest for more power over the people.

These acts of tax dollar thievery such as the loan-sharking scam at the FFB will eventually add to the already very dangerous debt load and impending insolvency of  America.  Billions are being stolen under the guise of government loans and bailouts, and eventually the people will have to make a stand by changing their government at it’s core, and the way they allow them to handle their business. We have already seen the theft of almost a trillion taxpayer dollars in the form of the stimulus bill of 2009, in which we were promised by Barack Obama, that all those taxpayer dollars  would keep unemployment under 8%. Over two years later, we see little to no actual accounting of all that money, but in fact we currently see between 15 and 20 million Americans either unemployed or underemployed as they struggle to make ends meet. The stimulus program was just another government loan-sharking scheme where the taxpayer got screwed while the politicians friends in the unions, their crony-capitalists in the green energy scams, and their direct and indirect relatives enriched themselves to the detriment of our economy. ( More on a big name politician involved in this fraud to come in part 2 ) This was also the very reason that Barack Obama and company directed all Democrats and their media puppets to stop using the word "stimulus" in public recently.  Americans got wise to that scam in 2010,  so politicians turned to their other loan-sharking scam known as the FFB, and started doling out taxpayer dollars through it in a pathetic attempt to obscure their obvious theft of billions of hard-earned tax dollars once again. Will the FFB  government loan-sharking fraud ever be honestly investigated in the United States Congress in the near future?  Considering that this so-called bank was set up for the sole purpose of enabling politicians to use it as a way to bypass certain aspects of Congressional accountability as to how our tax dollars are being spent, the answer to that question has to be an emphatic NO.


I,d like to personally thank Ms. Elizabeth MacDonald of Fox Business for having the fortitude and courage to originally report on the FFB, which should be more aptly titled the Congressional Loan-Sharking Criminal Enterprise of America. In Part 2 of this expose’ on the FFB Congressional loan sharking we will take it a step further, and show you just what your tax dollars have been funding through the FFB, and just which honorable members of our government have ties to the latest episodes of the FFB slush fund loan sharking at taxpayer expense saga. 

Updated info alert: Apparently the FBB exposure piece done by Ms MacDonald has drawn some damage control rhetoric from none other than than "someone" in the U.S. government. They had her change some tiny aspects of her article. Here is the link:  The petty reasons for the minor changes in her article do not in any way change the fact that this is a Congressional-loan-sharking-criminal-enterprise using taxpayer dollars unconstitutionally ! 










Gov. Perry – Welcome to Your Past

During my misspent youth, I was a Democrat. Consequently, when I started my political consulting firm I wanted to be true to my mistaken convictions, so I only worked for Democrat clients.
[Note: Now that I’m a Republican who has seen the error of my ways, I often find myself trying to rationalize my membership in the party of debt, dependency and degeneracy by telling people I was a “conservative Democrat.” This is not all that uncommon among those of us who have seen the light and puts me in some pretty august company.
Recently I was watching a rerun of ‘Booknotes’ with Gertrude Himmelfarb — now a respected historian and neo–conservative, but in her youth a Trotskyite, which — for those of you suffering from recent history instruction in public schools — is a variety of Communist. When asked how she made the ideological journey from Trotsky to Reagan, it warmed my heart when explained that she was always a pretty conservative Trotskyite.]
In 1990 I found myself working as media consultant for Tom McRae who was Bill Clinton’s last gubernatorial primary opponent in Arkansas.
At that time Clinton was eight to ten years into his affair with Gennifer Flowers, had played jack–in–the–box with Paula Jones, reportedly used the state troopers to ferry women and was generally known as someone you wouldn’t leave unsupervised with your college–age daughter.
Yet our TV spots featured none of this lurid material for the simple reason that, regardless of the truth, the rumors were old news to voters and reporters. Clinton had been re–elected previously when Flowers was just starting to bloom. The fact that she had now taken root, along with a complete inventory of other women, was simply not a factor as he sought his fifth term.
Instead, our spots were built around “It’s time for a change” and highlighted the fact Clinton was just going through the motions while preparing to run for president. Our woefully underfunded campaign held Clinton to a meager 54 percent.
Two years later Clinton was in for a rude surprise during the New Hampshire Presidential Primary. Rumors he thought dead and buried arose in the form of tapes secretly recorded by Flowers and played for the news media.
Why was his old squeeze from the Ozarks suddenly relevant? Simple, Clinton changed the scope of his campaigning, from statewide candidate in Arkansas to nationwide candidate and new voters were unaware of his randy streak. These voters were encountering information that he thought was safely behind him and Clinton was caught unprepared. Overcoming the shock required a comprehensive campaign of lies to a gullible news media that just barely saved his campaign.
The same phenomenon is being repeated today — minus the lies and the lingerie.
Texas Governor Rick Perry is encountering past issues he previously overcame. If Perry had been content to stay in Texas and run for governor, US Senator or Congress the forced HPV vaccinations for schoolgirls and in–state college tuition for children of illegal aliens would have been non–issues.
This is because winning an election, similar to baptism, washes one clean of all past political sins. Where Christian baptism differs from elections is Christ doesn’t care about geography. You’re just as clean in Austin as you are in Arlington. But in politics absolution doesn’t travel across the border.
In Florida and elsewhere conservative Republicans are appalled at Perry’s executive decision to require schoolgirls to be vaccinated for a disease that comes through sexual activity and his signature on a law that grants in–state college tuition to the children of illegal aliens.
Perry appears to be appalled that voters have found out.
His debate answers are awkward and off–message for Republicans. He says his decision with regard to HPV vaccinations was wrong and he would not do it again. So far so good, but then he rationalizes by saying it would save lives. So would requiring every citizen of Texas to wear a ballistic vest when leaving the house, but it would not be a conservative policy.
His most recent answer to the tuition controversy only served to drive his poll numbers down. Telling opponents of granting special privileges to children of illegals that they “don’t…have a heart” is simply stupid. Democrats are the land of “follow your feelings,” Republicans prefer to follow the rule of law.
If Perry’s answers don’t improve his campaign will be the second bubble to burst, following that of Rep. Michelle Bachmann. But either way, he serves as an instructive lesson for politicians who are looking to expand their political horizons in the future.
Michael R. Shannon is a public relations and advertising consultant with corporate, government and political experience around the globe. He is a dynamic and entertaining keynote speaker. He can be reached at [email protected]

Rick Perry: "I'm Sorry I Said You Didn't Have A Heart"

You may have remembered Rick Perry’s less than stellar showing at the Fox News/Google debate from Sep 23rd, you know, the one where he said, “I don’t think you have a heart”.  Well, it looks like Ricky Perry has spent a lot of time remembering it too, and he’s decided to walk back that statement and better explain some other ones.

Above is a segment of an interview he did with  In it, he did a much better job explaining what his positions are on many aspects of immigration.  Besides the famous “you don’t have a heart” line, he also addressed how he feels about a border fence.  He says you can build one, but without personnel to man the fence, it’s not going to keep anyone out.  He also brought up concerns about how a border fence would affect private property.

I think he clarified a lot of things in the interview, but I’m still not confident he can give solid answers when he’s under the pressure of a debate.  I’ve seen him strike out three times so far, but I would be glad to see himself do a better job in the future ones.  What do you guys think?  Did this interview help redeem the poor performance he had in last week’s debate?  And do you think Perry can handle the next debate, or is he just not good answering questions under pressure?  Let us know in the comments below; we’d love to hear from you.

Mitchell & Ray 9-28: Ai Politics, Obama Impersonator PCAM, Bev Purdue's trashing of the Constitution and more

When: Thursday, September 29th, 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific Where: Streaming Internet Radio


  • 1st segment (30 mins): Chinese prostitutes, NC Governor Bev Purdue’s request to suspend the Constitution, Solyndra+Solar reserve and crony liberalism
  • 2nd segment (30 mins): Guests: AiPolitics ( and Phil Cambre (Obama Impersonator) talk about … themselves
  • 3rd segment (30mins): an evening with "Obama" – iPrompters, Michelle at Targayyy, and why Herman Cain is "a ruse"

Guests: Twitter personality and Conservative blogger Ai Politics and Phil (@pcam) Obama impersonator and humorist.

Show Recording:


Memo to Huffington Post: Check Your Sources

One of today’s front page stories on Huffington Post claimed a majority of Republicans support the barbaric notion of increasing taxes on the most productive as well as the newly coined “Buffett Rule.” As with all Leftist thought, there are problems with both the premises and reporting of this issue.


The following pictures are screen caps. First, from the front page:

Now, from the main article:

Somehow we switch from “GOP Voters” to “Vast Majority of Americans.” What both groups seem to be supporting changes slightly also, going from simply raising taxes on the rich (class warfare) to instituting the new beltway catchphrase “The Buffett Rule.”

The Poll

Just by reading those two headlines, we’re meant to think that the mainstream GOP voter now rides in the immature class warfare bandwagon. The article itself supports that point, claiming that two-thirds of Republicans are for the “Buffett Rule” and 75% think tax increases on people making $1 million is ok.

If you’re wondering “Where did they get those numbers from,” move to the head of the class.

Backtracking the links, Huffpo reported the numbers from the Daily Kos, an organization that is about as scholarly and unbiased as a Klan rally. The poll itself was conducted by Public Policy Polling, or rather, that is what Daily Kos is claiming. Public Policy Polling didn’t think highly enough of the poll to even list it on its website.

The relevant question is as follows:

“Do you support or oppose ensuring that people who make over a million dollars a year pay the same percentage of taxes of more on their total income as those who make less than a million dollars a year?”

The results are essentially what was reported. Of course, the obvious thing that should jump out is the phrase “pay the same percentage.” This would mean that supporters of a flat tax would fall into that group, which, of course, could very well skew the results by a large percent.

As is typical with Leftist thought, the question is short-sighted, vague, and/or all-encompassing at the same time. It mentions “total income” without bothering to answer what that could mean. For example, someone working overseas could generate sales while working at the office in a foreign country, which is then subjected to that country’s tax code. If he were to repatriate those dollars to the states, is he to be taxed again? What about investments, dividends, savings, IRA’s, or a jar of old coins you find in the back yard? Are they “made,” as the question suggests, and should such long-term investments be subjected to yearly taxable rates even if they are not touched for 30 years?

The Daily Kos and SEIU do not bother thinking along such lines. They simply see some people with more than they have and are seeking to use the law to plunder those private coffers. Such practices are detestable and should be called as such.

PPP makes its living off of polling, so I am hesitant to think they would come up with such a biased and predictable question themselves. I think it more likely that Daily Kos gave them the set of questions to ask, which would account for what is either an elementary mistake or a clear attempt to skew results in one’s favor. Since the results were posted on the “Daily Kos/SEIU Weekly State of the Nation,” I leave it up to the reader to decide.

The Cult of Excuse

Life is not fair. Anyone who has ever dealt with a government institution knows that government is inevitably less fair. Never the less, it is effective politics to claim that life can be made fair because fairness is undefined and carries a beloved connotation. This idea of fairness has evolved into something particularly despicable recently, a cult of excuse. The obsession with victim hood has turned victimizers into victims, and has made all excuses reasons to behave inhumanely. This has eviscerated traditional morality, something the American left has tried to do since the turn of the century along with their fascist analogs in Europe.


There is a very popular opinion among those on the left and some on the very far right that the attacks of September 11th 2001 were the fault of American foreign policy. This may be effective, although ignorant, as a political argument, but morally it is complete hogwash. There simply is no fault to speak of. Terrorist chose to take a particular action in order to make a political point, an action that is, no matter what the case, wrong. America had helped Bin Laden free Afghanistan from communism, Bin Laden went after the U.S. when Kuwait refused help from him and took help from the U.S. instead. Yet besides the reality of the situation, the cult of excuse took hold, ignoring all rational political and moral realities.


A more recent event has shown that this cult of excuse is incredibly pervasive. Three hikers were picked up by Iranian authorities in Iraq and charged with spying. When the last two were finally released, they expressed an odd opinion. Although they did admit they were held unlawfully and charged with crimes they were most certainly not guilty or capable of, they placed a majority of blame on their home country, the United States. Citing American foreign policy as the reason they were held. Factually, Iran is an oppressive regime that has committed atrocities on their own people, and their behavior is a reflection of this and a reflection of the weakness and permissiveness of America’s new foreign policy of appeasement. The moral reality of this incident is simple. Iran imprisoned three innocent people on trumped up charges, which is simply wrong. The cult of excuse is so ever present that despite knowing that Iran’s actions were inexcusable, they still showed sympathies to their captures reminiscent of Stockholm syndrome.


Simply put, there is no excuse for doing what is invariably wrong. Civilization relies on this concept. Yet time and again, excuses are provided for wrong doing by third parties or by the victims themselves. What this develops is a platform by which to blame something other than the individual. Individuals, being imperfect, are happy to oblige this way of thinking. While those making the excuses use the blame that should fall on the individual as a political weapon. The victimizers are obliged to victimize more, thus creating more fodder of blame to be used politically. It works out very well for politicians, civil servants and those who have something to gain from said blame, but is utter poison to society and the victimizers’ next victim.


Advice From Newt Gingrich

Back in the mid-1980s I had the opportunity to spend a brief amount of time with Speaker Newt Gingrich.

He offered some fascinating advice to those of us present (A group of only fifteen people nationwide that were training to become congressional campaign managers).  He said in essences “The responsibility of a Congressman is not to explain Washington to the voters, but rather to represent the voters to Washington DC.”

The implications of that comment are very insightful when thought about.  It demonstrates why Newt Gingrich is never really out of the race for president.  But that is another story.

I receive, on a regular basis, communications from federally elected officials.  I also am friends with some on various social networking sites on the internet.  I monitor the Senate and House members that represent the State of Utah, as well as few others.

Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah is on Facebook and frequently makes posts that convey to the conservative wing of the Republican Party (about 65% of the total membership) his relentless efforts to carry the conservative message to Washington.  This effort may be intensified by the fact that for years he was more moderate, like Senator Bennett who was unceremoniously ousted by the right wing even before the primary in 2010.  Senator Hatch needs to earn back their trust.

To many of the Senator’s posts I have responded to him stating that he simply isn’t getting what the people are looking for.  He is still a regulationalist at heart.  That means his answer to every challenge, problem or difficulty is resolved with yet another regulation being imposed.

Before I continue I must make a confession.  In my mind Senator Orrin hatch is the most moral man in the US Senate.  On a personal level I trust him beyond any other US Senator.  In terms of personal character, in my mind, he overshadows all the rest.  That means a great deal to me, yet not my vote.

Today on Facebook Senator Hatch, speaking of the Yuan Bill, posted this “Before the Senate moves forward, it’s imperative that Congress have a full understanding of the Administration’s views on this legislation.”  At first blush this looks absolutely reasonable.  At any level, having a clear understanding of the issues, is a reasonable thing to do.  However…

At the second consideration, where wisdom joins with first impressions, this says something quite different.  When the President has made it abundantly clear that he has no intention of ever working in a cooperative manner with the Congress I genuinely question the logic of waiting for it to be forthcoming on this issue.

Secondly, what Senator Hatch is doing is subtly proposing is that there is a means to “compromise.”  Compromise to accomplish part of a goal can sometimes work for the greater good.  Unfortunately with Congress, particularly the Senate, compromise has not been to move toward a greater good  but rather toward a greater personal satisfaction among individuals dependent upon popularity, to remain popular.

In short, given Senator Hatch’s, and the entire senate’s reputation, his comment translated for accuracy should read “We need to know where the president is at so we can accommodate his wishes with our future popularity.”  That sounds harsh, but it appears to be the means by which the senate works.

In the original Constitutional Convention the delegate were firm and pounded home views with force and resolve.  Yet, in the end the Constitution was adopted because the compromise was for a better nation, not better poll ratings.  Today’s Congress should be no less.

I return to the advice of Speaker Gingrich.  These men are not sent to Washington to later come home and explain Washington to their voters.  They are to represent the people and then be “Statesmen” capable of wise decisions rather than popular assent.

Obama Admin. Fails to Secure up to 20k Libyan Portable Missiles

Free missiles in Libya for terrorists

As many as 20,000 shoulder-fired portable heat-seeking missiles are unaccounted for in Libya today, as the Obama Administration is caught flat-footed and left scrambling to do damage control in a very dangerous situation that they have had a big hand in creating. In their zealousness to promote the Arab Spring [supposed] Democracy uprisings in Libya, the Obama administration is shown to be eager to bomb first and deal with dangerous consequences later in this debacle. In the rush to help oust the long-time tyrant and oppressive dictator Moammar Gadhafi, numerous stockpiles of these missiles have been left unguarded and have already in fact, been carted off by who knows what terrorist groups and individuals by simply pulling up and loading them into vehicles. The following ABC News video describes the dangers of not securing these weapons depots, BEFORE removing the Libyan military that was guarding them:</p

These 4 to 5 foot long, portable heat-seeking missiles shown in the above video could now be used against our military aircraft in Iraq, Afghanistan and across the globe, and were basically left free for the taking in Libya. From the ABC News report, we see that this dangerous situation was brought to the Obama Administration’s attention over 6 months ago:

Peter Bouckaert of Human Rights Watch first warned about the problem after a trip to Libya six months ago. He took pictures of pickup truckloads of the missiles being carted off during another trip just a few weeks ago.

These missiles are deadly from distances up to two miles and do not have to actually be aimed, as they zoom in on an aircraft’s engine heat, and it also doesn’t take a lot of training to fire one. Basically put it on your shoulder and point it in the direction of any aircraft, and the missile will track the aircraft, strike it, and then explode.

Mr. Bouckaert was right there in Libya taking pictures of these missiles, and stated: “I myself could have removed several hundred if I wanted to, and people can literally drive up with pickup trucks or even 18 wheelers and take away whatever they want,” said Bouckaert, HRW’s emergencies director. “Every time I arrive at one of these weapons facilities, the first thing we notice going missing is the surface-to-air missiles.”

Former White House counter-terror adviser Richard Clarke stated, “I think the probability of al Qaeda being able to smuggle some of the stinger-like missiles out of Libya is probably pretty high,”

Recently we have seen The fast and Furious gunrunning scandal in which the DHS, ATF and other government agencies enabled the sale of assault weapons to drug cartels resulting in hundreds of murders on both sides of our Southern border, The Solyndra pay-for-play solar company scam where a good portion of half a billion taxpayer dollars have basically been shuffled into Democratic campaign coffers, and now we have the U.S. government enabling al Qaeda and any other anti-American maniac to acquire up to 20k portable anti-aircraft missiles. Meanwhile the ignorant sheep now known as Obama-supporters following his recent west coast taxpayer-funded campaign trip keep on screaming… Four more years, four more years!   Lovely.

GM and GE Get In Bed With China

Guess what corporations are getting into bed with the Chinese? General Motors (GM) and General Electric (GE)! Yes, you read that correctly. GM, recipient of $50 billion of taxpayer money, and GE, whose CEO is Jeffery Immelt, good friend of President Barack Obama. GE and GM agreed on a pilot installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in Shanghai, the latest step in GM’s plan to develop infrastructure in China to support sales of its Chevy Volt. GE agreed to buy the extended range EVs for use at its corporate headquarters in Shanghai.

General Motors

GM received a subsidy of $50 billion in 2009 because it was “too big to fail.” In 2010, GM “claimed” that it paid back the government bailout loan in full, with interest, years ahead of schedule. While that statement is true, what GM CEO Ed Whitacre was referencing was the $6.9 billion money received amount, not the $43 billion stock equity position taxpayers were forced to take with the bail-out. But that is the subject of another post.

Under pressure from the Chinese government GM has agreed to provide access to its proprietary electric vehicle technology to its Chinese partner, Shanghai Automotive Industrial Corp. (SAIC). Beijing has pledged that it will do whatever it takes to help the Chinese car industry take the lead in EVs. GM contends the move will help it maintain a lead in the rapid electrification of the industry. A serious concern is that GM may lose control of intellectual property (IP). Protection of IP rights has become a critical concern, with Chinese businesses routinely ignoring trademarks and copyrights on everything from pop music and movies to pharmaceuticals and automotive design.

GM is partnering with China in a 50-50 joint venture with China’s state-run auto industry. And GE will join GM in a related partnership in China. Why, you ask, is GM doing this? As it turns out, GM will receive a $19,300 subsidy per EV from the Chinese government. To get it GM must share its EV technology with the Chinese, as well as produce the EVs in China. The GM China Advanced Technical Center, in Shanghai, is adjacent to GM’s headquarters, and is in a 50-50 partnership with Chinese state-run SAIC to develop and implement the electric technology, probably in the Shanghai GM Chevy Sail, introduced late last year. GM, we also learn, is “selling” Volts to GE for use in China.

GM vice president Stephen J. Girsky told the New York Times, “This is not a political decision today. It’s a business decision.”

General Electric

GE will install a number of charging stations at a government-assigned international EV demonstration zone in Shanghai’s Jiading District and at the GM Headquarters office in the city. GE will build and install
EV charging stations which could be in higher demand if drivers buy EVs. The company estimates the expanding market could bring it up to $500 million in revenue over the next three years. The charging station installations replicate the infrastructure build-up efforts in the U.S. it developed from grants from the Department of Energy. Also, GE Energy announced in August, 2011, a partnership with Hertz Corp. for advancing EVs and charging stations in China.


Ford’s CEO, Alan Mulally said that Ford Motor Co. may make electric cars with its partner in China as the auto industry moves toward producing more fuel-efficient vehicles. “As we move to more electrification, you’re going to see more hybrids, plug-in hybrids and all-electric cars,” said Mulally.

The Japanese?

Both Nissan and Toyota have no plans to manufacture existing models (Nissan Leaf and Toyota Prius) in China. Nissan, in China, is jointly developing an electric car with its Chinese partner, Dongfeng Motor. But it has decided not to build its new electric Nissan Leaf in China. Toyota said that it will build and sell in China the current generation of the Prius gasoline-electric hybrid, even though the Prius is not eligible for most Chinese government subsidies because it is not a plug-in vehicle. But Toyota has said that it has no plans to build or sell the plug-in version of the new Prius in China. It would be eligible for Chinese subsidies – but only if Toyota transferred core technologies.

So… the next round of whining you will hear from Democrats and the Obama administration will be about how U.S. EV manufacturers in this country can’t compete because of China’s massive subsidies to their EV industries. And the environmentalists and government subsidy company investors will cry for more U.S. government “investment,” or their Solyndra-like companies will fail and their green jobs will be gone and/or not be permanent.

Are GM and GE putting short term profits ahead of patriotism? When (not if) the Chinese take advantage of our technology and use it to build better war machines, we taxpayers will have to again bail out GM, as well as GE.

But that’s just my opinion.

What Does Morgan Freeman Think Of Herman Cain?

On the same weekend that Morgan Freeman was saying the Tea Party is “racist” and that they want to “get the black man out of here”, Tea Party voters in Florida were voting for a black man.  I think the real “problem” is that they were not voting for the black man that Morgan Freeman wanted them to.

Sadly, this is what Liberals do.  They will try to discredit and ruin the lives of fellow citizens just to win a game.  Everyone is a pawn or a useful idiot to them.  In my mind, their disregard for the well being of their fellow man is on par with the mentality that goes behind human trafficking.  But, I digress…  Here is a video I made summing up my thoughts on Morgan Freeman’s cruel and inaccurate charges.  I hope he sees it.  Better yet, I hope he apologizes for demonizing people that don’t agree with him.  I won’t hold my breath.

In happier news, congratulations, Herman Cain, for winning the P5 straw poll in Florida last weekend.  You truly had  a breakout week in Florida to include your inspiring performance at the Google/Fox News debate.  We salute you.


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