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Operation Fast and Furious – Update

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  1. Last week we hear that the head of the BATF has been “reassigned” to some desk job. Is that supposed to prevent prosecution from taking place, or something? It seems to me that I’ve seen this tactic happen more than once with Democrats covering their butts. The seem to think that all they have to do is remove the offending person, even another Democrat from whatever office they held when the crime occured, and then you never hear about any investigation again, in the news, or information about it coming from anyone. So are we going to see this same tactic here? I don’t think Sen. Grassly is going to drop this just because Holder is transfering people around in order to avoid prosecution, it ain’t going to fly this time Holder. As a matter of fact you may be ordered to appear before a Senate Investigation Committee yourself! We may even order Obama to appear like the Democrats did Bush and Chaney, Rove and Libby! How about that you bunch of crooks! Who the hell do the damn Democrats think they are anyway to think they can do something like Fast and Furious and when it causes serious problems they just drop it and shovel dirt over it and say it doesn’t exist? I am sick and tired of Democrats actually getting away with “MURDER”!! And how many decades have we seen this, people? You want to go back to JOHN F. KENNEDY?? THAT IS THE MOST SERIOUS COVER UP THE DEMOCRATS HAVE EVER DONE!!

    I am wondering about one thing though, and that is why haven’t we seen any arrests yet. You know the Democrats aren’t above snuffing out one of their own to keep them from spilling the beans before some investigation committee. They have the guy out in a boat doing some fishing and then suddenly he slumps over and some other fishermen find him later on dead where he was sitting, with a heart attack when the man was in perfect health. Hmmmm, sound familiar?