Obama Admin. Fails to Secure up to 20k Libyan Portable Missiles

By | September 28, 2011

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0 thoughts on “Obama Admin. Fails to Secure up to 20k Libyan Portable Missiles

  1. DJ Redman Post author

    Thank you both for sharing your very valid points here. Here is another possible scenario: Load up a few thousand of these missiles and run them into South America, say with permission from Chavez. Can you imagine what the Mexican drug cartels could do on our southern border with these things? One of the best tools we have in stopping the illegals and dope trade down there are the helicopters in the air.Drug cartels have loads of cash to buy them with . This stupidity and lack of proper planning before ousting the military regime in Libya will eventually haunt somebody in the very near future, and that somebody will be our brave troops and/or our border patrol agents.. Remember the helicopter that was shot down recently killing 16 or 17 seals? That rocket was exactly the same type that have gone missing in Libya, as discussed here..

  2. Bunny Olesen

    He has failed to lock up a helluva lot more than that. According to earlier reports, Gaddafi also had 11,000 tons of mustard gas, and at least 1,000 tons of uranium dust, as well as many other unprotected weapons. Also I believe possibly Jordan (maybe another country) has already stated that so many of Libya’s weapons have been seen going through egypt, and into Palestine. ALREADY.

    They also had anti-aircraft guns, machine guns, ammunition, just any type of weaponry you could imagine. And they are already moving it to Palestine. Libya is screwed and so are we. Way to back a group funded and trained by Al-Qaeda, EU and Ovomit

  3. WillofLa

    Well, Libyan terrorists will use those weapons to shoot down Israeli figher planes, and I’m sure the Mahsad will already have known about this, have already prepared their fighter jet pilots to watch for these weapons. LIke they will be on the watch of smoke trails coming up fast from the ground like our pilots in Vietnam watched for smoke coming up fast when the North Vietnamese Army fired the Russian missles. Many were avoided because the NVA weren’t that hot at firing them accurately. But modern missles like these are more or less shoot and forget rockets that any idiot could shoot and down a jet. They’d all be big hero’s if they were to down an Israeli fighter and the Libyan’s would make all effort to capture the pilot to, you know that. It would be big news.