Mitchell & Ray 9-28: Ai Politics, Obama Impersonator PCAM, Bev Purdue's trashing of the Constitution and more

When: Thursday, September 29th, 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific Where: Streaming Internet Radio


  • 1st segment (30 mins): Chinese prostitutes, NC Governor Bev Purdue’s request to suspend the Constitution, Solyndra+Solar reserve and crony liberalism
  • 2nd segment (30 mins): Guests: AiPolitics ( and Phil Cambre (Obama Impersonator) talk about … themselves
  • 3rd segment (30mins): an evening with "Obama" – iPrompters, Michelle at Targayyy, and why Herman Cain is "a ruse"

Guests: Twitter personality and Conservative blogger Ai Politics and Phil (@pcam) Obama impersonator and humorist.

Show Recording: