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Laborious Day… Or… The Behavior of Slugs

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  1. The Postal Service is yet another victim of labor unions. I carried mail for a year, was a member of the Letter Carrier Union. I was basically told union membership was my only salvation to prevent from getting fired. So, wanting job security, I paid my dues.

    My employment came to an end when I voluntarily quit. I could not believe the bull****. For starters, as a PTF carrier, when I walked routes faster I was chewed out by the permanent letter carriers for “making them look bad,” since they couldn’t find errors in my deliveries (they tried!). Next, after our post master retired, one was assigned to us that didn’t know up from down. When I was forced to take a sick day (my only sick day after working there a year… bad case of the runs) he wanted a doctors note, despite no requirement for it. I told him to pack sand, and QUIT. Fortunately my financial situation permitted a low BS tolerance level to where I could do that. After I quit, nearly every worker contacted me and wished they could do the same.

    If the Post Office is forced to shut down this winter… I say good for them. But we all know congress won’t let that happen.