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It’s Kill Or Be Killed – There’s No Two Ways About It

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  1. Hey Max,

    As I stated, enemy combatants are,IMO, open season 24/7, no trial, no B/S, war is hell and if you wage war on America you invite the same fiery death as those two terrorists got here. I was trying to make the distinction that the media has made a point to call these mutts “Americans.” That is an insult to every true American who ever had the privilege of calling America home, and living in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

  2. “[A]s long as US intelligence sources have sufficient probable cause to believe they are preparing to act against Americans and American interests, these same terrorists should continue to be neutralized in any reasonable fashion.” Sounds right to me. The truth is, American citizens get killed by the American gov’t all the time “without due process.” Happens every time some dirtbag takes a hostage and a SWAT team decides the guy needs to be put down. Yes, yes, you can always argue, “But, Al-Awlaki didn’t have a gun trained on anyone!” Really? You sure of that? We don’t even know where these guys are hiding most of the time, we don’t know what stage their plans are at, or how many Americans they plan to kill, but you can tell me he wasn’t about to pull the trigger on an attack? Fortunately, most people still live in the real, practical world, where a stated desire to kill Americans and a record of past attempts to do so is reason enough to take the bastard out. I support President Obama 100% on this, as do most Americans. I only wish I could believe that all the Americans who agree with me — who support Predator strikes on known overseas terrorists — will continue to support such actions if and when the President’s name is “Perry” or “Romney” or “Cain” or “Bachman”. I wish I could believe liberals would support such an action as I support President Obama’s action, but on this score, I have grave, grave doubts.

  3. I certainly agree Ron, a nation that does not abide by a it’s laws becomes a lawless nation that will self-destruct eventually. I just wrote an article at CDN, that describes my view that these two terrorists were never in fact, Americans by any definition. They were anti-American terrorists hell bent on promoting the killing of Americans and other westerners, and therefore they were dealt with as any enemy combatants should be… they were neutralized. al-Awlaki, while being born in America, was taken at 7 years of age back to Yemen and in fact came back into the U.S 11 yrs later as a foreign student on a visa as a Yemeni citizen. Check it out:


    I do agree with the slippery slope anology, but at the root of the debate as to whether the gov’t had the right to kill him, we must consider the fact that al-Awlaki declared jihad against America and all non-believers of the western world, and to just declare him an American by birth documents as a way to try to defend his waging war against America is problematic, to say the least.

  4. Ron, I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Your chosen words lend themselves to constructive discussion, rather than hammer-throwing ad hominem and we like that.

    I suspect your major point of contention – combined with mine – may get to the crux of the matter. On the one hand, our Constitution requires the president to defend this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The Bill of Rights – specifically the fourth and fifth amendments – provide for due process under the law for all American citizens. What we’re seeing is one requirement being exercised at the expense of the other, and it will – at some point, I’m sure – be up to the Supreme Court to decide if defending the country outweighs individual rights. I firmly believe the court will rule in the government’s favor because the alternative would result in chaos.

  5. Your article is well written but I have to say the judicial action is needed, but only if we claim to be a constitutional state. You see that law, judges and due process have been deprecated and it its pace is ” US intelligence sources” which in fact becomes the highest law of the land.

    “And as long as US intelligence sources have sufficient probable cause to believe they are preparing to act against Americans and American interests, these same terrorists should continue to be neutralized in any reasonable fashion. ”

    The slippery slope never disappoints us in all history. When you start killing Americans (clearly bad guys) and you add to this secrecy, and you add to this no crimes need be committed, then the net becomes wider.

    It’s really the bullshit claim that we are a constitutional state, (the law applies to the government too). If we are not then we should say so. Just say it, our constitution does not apply to the government and we are not a people of the law.

    • Ron and DJ,

      There is a fine line between law that applies to U.S. citizens who take up arms against the United States, and law that applies to foreign enemy combatants.

      The American civil war is a great example of this. The majority of soldiers in the confederate were U.S. citizens during the war, they did denounce citizenship since they were just as American as everyone else. They were fighting for states rights. Yet, did Lincoln think twice about killing them? Not at all.

      Any citizen who takes up arms against the United States, and acts on it, is a target. There is no slippery slope here. It’s as cut and dry as beef jerky.