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Gov. Perry – Welcome to Your Past

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  1. It dumfounds me. In 2001, I retired after 20 years of serving in the USN. Myself, nor my children qualify for free tuition. How does the Governor justify giving it to children of illegal aliens, all of which have broken the very laws I was putting my life in danger to protect?

  2. “In Florida and elsewhere conservative Republicans are appalled at Perry’s executive decision to require schoolgirls to be vaccinated for a disease that comes through sexual activity and his signature on a law that grants in–state college tuition to the children of illegal aliens.”

    Yawn. Maybe if conservative Republicans could focus on current issues like the economy and jobs, or the traditional values like prolife, small gov, & fiscal conservatism instead of being led around by the nose in an echo chamber that makes no reference to them at all, it would be helpful.

    Yes, the “disease”, i.e. *CANCER* comes via sexual activity. The vax itself must precede the sexual activity or it is rendered ineffective. The utter apathy involved in being unable to fill out an easily accessed online form to *OPT-OUT* – or make any reference to its existence when writing on the subject – is beyond me, as is the fact that not one of the articles I’ve read ever mentions that multiple medical organizations *to this day* recommend that vax. If your girl doesn’t have sex until she’s married – *it still protects her*.
    And this is all aside from the basic question – is a ‘mandate’ with an ‘opt-out’ really even a mandate? It wasn’t even conditional. All one had to do was say ‘No’. Oh, the horror of it all…

    Re: calling those who have issue with in-state tuition – that was an un-forced error on Perry’s part. Which he’s since walked back, but that’s beside the point. No question his debate performances are poor. But those two things do not summarize Perry for me, nor do they preclude my vote any more than Obama or Mitt’s speaking skills buy it. Both men are much better in that area than Perry – but that’s not good enough for me.

    Rubio and Jeb Bush both happen to agree with Perry (& the majority of Texans) on in-state tuition – shall we throw them under the bus along with him? Clearly this decade old law is a deal-breaker for our current crop of pure conservatives. So let’s be real thorough – let’s make sure we excorciate every candidate equally, because the rest of their truly stellar records just DO NOT MATTER, and they’re ALL lying RINOS.


    • “The utter apathy involved in being unable to fill out an easily accessed online form to *OPT-OUT* – or make any reference to its existence when writing on the subject ”

      The form you speak of isn’t as easy as a mouse click or two. It requires much more than that, and expires every two years. Making the “mandate” hard to get out of.

      Instead of speaking on the merits of an opt-out you have no clue about, why don’t you focus on why this issue is important… like repealing obamacare, that will be far worse than mandating STD prevention shots to pre-teens.