Fox/Google GOP Debate: "Search"ing for a Leader

By | September 23, 2011

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0 thoughts on “Fox/Google GOP Debate: "Search"ing for a Leader

  1. WillofLa

    There will probably be two of these people who the media believes should be the candidates of the Republican’s and the media’s choice will probably be Perry, and Romney. But of these two, who would be the choice of the people? Probably, Bachmann, and Cain. That would be what the country is looking at as the only two kinds of people who should be President, and that is a woman, and another Black man. Is there a Black woman out there some where? I don’t know of any Black woman that is a conservative. If Condaleza Rice was a conservative I would vote for her, she’s great, but unfortunately she’s a moderate with left leanings. But like a lot of people they don’t want to go through all this sort of BS that we saw last night. And that’s what it was, BS.

    Why is it that only the networks get to give the debates? And more over, why is only the liberals who get to question our possible candidates? When do we get to drill the hell out of Obama and force him to answer our questions as to why he seems to be on a agenda and not doing what is obvious that would clean up this mess the Socialist Demcrats made? Why can’t we ask him what his involvement with Solyndra was? Why wasn’t the question put to these candidates last night, about what they thought of Obama’s involvement with Solyndra? I think it’s very important that we know how these candidates think about a crime like we’re looking at Obama committing.

    Screw the news media, I think the next time a debate is given, it should be a radom selection of Tea Party members from across the country who ask the questions. I think questions about Fast and Furious should be asked of these candidates. I think we should know what they believe should be done with Eric Holder. I think we should know what they believe should be done about open homosexuals in the military, and as a combat vet I wouldn’t want homosexuals in the military…period. What about some of those questions?