Could Herman Cain Become The REAL First Black President?

By | September 24, 2011

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0 thoughts on “Could Herman Cain Become The REAL First Black President?

  1. Glo

    Why does everything have to be about race? Some of you all are so ignorant, it really makes me sick.

  2. Let

    I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t give a fuck if Herman Cain were Pres. What we’re more concerned about is that people eat the SHIT spewed from this website. It’s making people fat and dumb as fuck. Now I’ll let you get back to propagating mediocrity. …

    1. miller

      My goodness, what a vulgar person. Mr. Cain predicted that all dregs of humanity would be going after him. I guess he was correct.

  3. PUMABydesign001

    During the last president campaign, many of my neighbors and family members asked me why, as a Black American, I was opposed to Barack Obama becoming the first Black president.

    I told them that the first Black president should be a man of honor, one full of integrity and honest; and that Barack Obama was not that man.

    Herman Cain is honest, a man of honor and full of integrity. Race is not an issue with Mr. Cain. Mr. Cain deserves the right to wear the mantle of America’s first REAL Black president.

  4. WillofLa

    Herman Cain wouldn’t need Jeromiah Wright to prove he’s Black. Herman Cain brings his own creditials. No one has to back up his blackness with big talks about being “down with the struggle” bull crap! Herman carries his own water. Would he be the first ALL Black President? Yeah, he would if we are looking at racial blood lines. And I don’t really care about whether or not he grew up in a ghetto. I only care about whether or not he has a history of being a conservative, unlike Rick Perry and Romney who used to both be Democrats and changed to Republican, and not for the same reason that Reagan became a Republican in that the Democrat Party left him. No, they were Democrats because that’s what their beliefs were. Herman is a Republican.

  5. Max

    I can see how a Cain v. Obama would play out in the media… with the left calling Cain an “Uncle Tom,” and the Tea Party “voting for a white man in a black mans skin.”

    Get ready to enter the Racism Matrix.