Christianity Split; Dogs and Rocks Caught in Cross-Fire

It is nearly impossible to expect even the best of friends to agree on everything. Actually, some of the most enlightening conversations are held when to people who respect each other disagree. While most conversations and many debates never create catastrophic collateral damage, the odd venue and humorous tone of the following debate may affect the afterlife for dogs.. and also – rocks. After reading the signs, answer the poll at the bottom – Do all dogs go to heaven?

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  • There ARE rocks in Heaven! The Bible clearly speaks of streets paved with Gold, gold is a rock — Catholic Church wins!

  • This is really not so funny for me. I split with a fiancee because she was OCD, usually we could resolve our differences, like which orientation the poilet paper must have when replacing the roll. Being a scientist, I had no preference, since I find it functional. However I had a problem when she said there were dogs in heaven. Jesus Christ did not die for the Salvation of dogs, nor do dogs have a soul. Here it is presented as humorous, but it is far from that. a person who values dogs over humans, will often save a dog and leave humans to their own fate. They will swerve from a dog in the road even if it rolls the car and kills their children. They do not understand the sacred nature and special creation loved by G-d that is a human, to a person who values humans equivalent to dogs, well the SPCA kills dogs every day in assembly line precision ways. The could see that done to humans perhaps, nothing special there. Being excessively OCD, she could not let this argument go. Being a Jew, I remembered how some “Christian” or “catholic” Germans easily converted to Nazis. Having dogs with souls, it is also easy to confuse rats with Jews.

    • I might guess that you are Jewish by the use of G-d. Perhaps your differences with your girlfriend were greater than where the soul of a pet might spend eternity?