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CBC Attendees: Allen West is an "oreo"

MRCTV interviewed some of the attendees at the 41st annual legislative conference of the Congressional Black Congress. Apparently, many of them have a very low opinion of blacks in the Conservative movement.

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  1. I think those in congress who have the time to degrade their peers simply because they are on the other side of the aisle, ought to resign their office immediately. Those small minded idiots have no business holding a position that used to be one considered to be “for the people, by the people”; not a self-serving career. We have term-limits for the Office of the President, so why don’t we have any for Congress?

    The latest, is members of the Congressional Black Congress referring to other members as “Oreos”. Who are they to say what is black or white and what isn’t? I would say that some of those Congresswomen using this line, to think about being a “reverse Oreo” themselves! I mean, blacks are born with kinky, curly hair, right? So why would they spend soooo much time and money to get their hair straight like a white woman? C’mon…..

    Let’s stop all of the senseless nonsense. All of those who spend their time spewing stupid, small-minded comments like that and calling Americans “astroturf” are really desperate for attention. If we would all just stop showing any audio or video with comments like this, then after awhile they would hopefully get the point and grow up.

  2. The CBC calling Herman Cain and Allen West “OREOS” is blatantly racist – we will not put up with it anymore – if you need a caucus for just your “color”, there is a problem.