Anwar Al-Awlaki Dead

By | September 30, 2011

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0 thoughts on “Anwar Al-Awlaki Dead

  1. WillofLa

    We need to make national holidays out of both Bin Laden’s death day, and Aliwhacky’s death day, or celebrate the day that Rayathon or whoever made the drones is, the day that business was created as a holiday for the incomparable service these drones have done to this nation. The terrorists who were needing Aliwhacky’s inspiration before they go out and set off a bomb vest here in America, or all the Al Quaeda terrorists who are here needing that last pep talk to try and make sense why they are supposed to blow themselves up instead of going to that strip bar with the guys at work tonight. Don’t tell me the decadence found here in America doesn’t have an affect on the penis of these so-called devout Muslims. I know damn well it does. And I’m all for it if it stops any of these Islamists from tending to their appointed rounds to kill as many American’s as they can, instead of going over to their friends house tonight and get drunk watching the football game on his 60″ plasma. Without Aliwhacky’s inspiration there may not be anyone Al Quaeda can put in his place who can inspire these bombers like Aliwhacky could, any time real soon. Maybe that will be enought time our FBI or CIA will need to find the terrorist here in America before they can do their dirty deeds to us.

    And I hope to my God, the real God will spare us from any major in mass attack in revenge for the death of Al Quaeda’s leading Mullah’s. We all know how these nut jobs enjoy having revenge on American’s.

    1. JB

      Establishing a holiday for those two is the last thing we’d want to do. Not only would the holidays forever be connected to Barack Obama, but they would serve as some kind of special days of remembrance for those on the side of the terrorist cause.