American Jobs Act [Full Text]

By | September 13, 2011

The White House finally posted the American Jobs Act of 2011.

At 155 pages, it is considerably smaller than major Democrat-sponsored legislation that has cropped up in the past few years and should be easy enough to get through.

Incidentally, the web site that was set up for the bill, which was spotlighted in a previous CDN article, does NOT have a link to the full plan. In a blatant attempt at misdirection, they offer a link to “download the full plan” which takes you to a 6-page pdf consisting of basically the same talking points the White House issued a few days ago.

American Jobs Act

If you want a copy you can download yourself, CDNews has a copy here.

Just a quick note about the American Jobs Act website itself: It shows a clear distinction in the split in thought between mainstream America and the Beltway culture in general and Democrats in particular with its links where people can see the “impact” on women, Latinos, and African-Americans. Philosophically speaking, this is a despicable habit because it only seeks to separate people into inequality groups instead of counting everyone as simply “Americans” and reinforcing the idea that we are all created equal.

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0 thoughts on “American Jobs Act [Full Text]

  1. John Lamb

    It cannot, in all good consciousness, be allowed to pass as written. We do not need another agency, selected and empowered by only one person, answerable to that same individual, without any congressional approval or subsequent oversight, controlling project funds and allocation. Add a “special banking institution” to handle the money and it becomes even more ludicrous. Solyndra will seem like child’s play compared to the debacle that will ensue.

    This is just another attempt to” control”, without accountability, bypassing current legal procedures and authority, governmental functions. Unification of absolute power and control is nothing less than returning the United States to a system that we fought to overcome – independence from the King’s Rule of Monarchy. Our entire history has been opposed to this type of principal.

    This is a dangerous precident that must not be allowed to be established ! Not being original, here, but ” ONE AND DONE ” should be the epitath on Obama’s term as President. And although he is likeable, commands good presence, delivers a good speech ( when the teleprompters ar working ) our current President is Captain of a ship, on a sea of economic disaster, without a rudder, without a compass, with more officers ( czars) than seamen, telling the rest of the fleet to follow him blindly to the horizon. Mutiny is on the horizon and the rumblings have already begun.