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0 thoughts on “Addressing the Patient

  1. C. Glasl

    Great as usual Antonio. You hit the nail on the head. It is not your fault that this seems to be such an old issue… the fault in that lies with Obama. He is a freaking broken record. I am looking forward to a new president, a new economy, and a whole new outlook on the future.

  2. John Ansell

    Don’t forget: “Also, remember to vote for Me because I like MY house. MY campaign would really love any amount of money you can send ME so it becomes MINE. (drinking game for tonight, every ME, Mine, MY, and I, take a drink. We should be out of the alcohol comma by Monday. NO promises though.)

    1. Anonymous

      I’m going to laugh at you guys when President Obama gets re-elected. The G.O.P. has NOTHING!
      After the sorry ass show they put on for the debate, and the beating the president gave them last night, Republicans are looking more and more like a bunch of angry fat kids with no solutions…just whiners.

      Get ready… the next 14 months is going to be fun!

      1. Justin

        The GOP has no solutions you say? That’s interesting, because they’re the ones who are working on actual solutions the Dems refuse to listen to. In point of fact, it’s the Dems who don’t have a solution, they’d rather just spend until the highways are paved with tens…everything they do is calculated to make themselves look like they care, while blasting everyone who tries an actual solution rather than just tossing more money at the problem as if fiscal responsibility is a sign of being a puppy murderer or something. Though the fact that you’re posting tripe like this under the name ‘Anonymous’ says a lot about you, I think…