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When Federalism Fumbles the Ball

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  1. Very well written piece. The constitution was not an easy sell, for the very fears we are enduring today: An all powerful federal government… one that arbitrarily decides which laws it will uphold, and which laws it will ignore, and then goes after those states who take it upon themselves to enforce the federal laws that the federal government ignores. If that isn’t the definition of insanity, I don’t know what is. But I can tell you this… If the immigration battle being waged between the federal government and the state of Arizona were outlined in the Federalist Papers… federalism would have failed outright.

    The truth is, federalism today isn’t the federalism that was ratified in the constitution. When the federal government is allowed to abuse it’s power (not authority, as it has none) and it goes unchecked, we all lose. One example (of millions) was the (now repealed) nation-wide 55 mph speed law, in which the federal government threatened to withhold federal highway funds from states if they didn’t comply. That is federalism? Much like obamacare… that is federalism?

    From a position of national debt. Our federal government owes this debt, and by default of U.S. citizenship, that debt is immorally placed on all U.S. citizens to pay. With the downward trend of the U.S. economy being what it is, the amount we owe will explode in terms of hyperinflation and the bankrupt condition of the worlds “poorest” government.

    Washington D.C. has already killed off the American Dream. The term “strategic default” has government-made leeches living in homes for free, and it won’t be long before our system collapses. Again, tying this back to federalism… our system of laws, unequally applied, ignored at will, with a growing “poor” population, is pulling this nation down to gutter level. Heck… living on the sidewalk will be a “step-up” in a few short years.

  2. You missed one key aspect of Federalism: When all else fails and you cannot get things changed at the local/state level, you can vote with your feet. It’s something we’ve seen recently with people, mainly the productive people, leaving high-tax states and moving to places like Texas.

  3. I’ve been listening to Mark Levin for a little over ten years and during that time many things have happened to our government, and many things has Mark got the American people to do to our government to try and get it to move in a certain direction, mainly to the right. But during all that time it’s only been here since Obama has been elected that people who have called in have asked Mark what and how to have these representatives arrested and charged with derelection of duty and/or a violation of the Constitution. They would want to know how to have these people arrested and jailed. Mark agree’s but comes right back and says, “Then what?”. The people react with all signs of normalsy and say, “What do you mean, what then, you lock them up and throw away the key that’s what.” But then Mark says how are you going to try them, and then there’s a very short exchange with the callers as to what would be needed to get things done. Mark’s all over them while they are back paddling as fast as they can. The point is where are you going to find a judge who would risk his career to take the case.

    Yeah, you could try them all, and yeah they all need to go to prison for the rest of their lives for violation of the Constitution, their oath of office, their violation of their oath to protect and obey the Constitution and a whole box of lawyer talk of charges from A to Z. Many come to mind right away, Reid, Pelosi, Dodd, Schumer, Waxman, Durbin, Obama, Gerelick, Feinstein, and speaking of her, she and her husband should have been prosecuted for “war profiteering” because she was head of the appropriations committee for contracts in Iraq and most all went to her husbands companies to the tune of over ten billion dollars worth of contracts. Some how it was leaked to the press and as soon as it was reported the first time she stepped down from her chairmanship and resigned from the committee. Gee, I wonder why? And after she did that the press dropped the story before the public woke up and started asking questions of her. The story died, but not until she and her husband were made extremely wealthy from profiting from the war in Iraq. Did any of you remember hearing about that story? I do. And I fired off a email to my Congressman and Senator and told them I wanted them to look into it. I never heard anything more about it. But here she is again sucking up taxpayer money in salary and probably has some other scam going on somewhere else.

    That’s why we can’t get anything done according to our Constitution. It’s because there are to many people making huge money off of being in the government. That’s why what I heard is right, that these young people come into the government with not much money, and after a few terms they leave multimillionaires. How does that happen? And that butt head Reid has the audacity to talk about taxing these “millionaires, billionaires”. HE’S ONE OF THEM!!!

  4. I have notified both of my representatives in Washington about my feelings on the strategy of Cloward-Piven being the method that the Socialist Democrats have been using for some time now to begin with: to bring the American people slowly under control of the Federal government. See, I agree with what this article is talking about and understand what Federalism is and how it’s applied to America. But those whose greed for power and people like the Clinton’s, Bush’s, and many in our two Houses are what is know as “Globalists”. That means they no longer believe in sovereign nations can any longer do what they are supposed to do for their people and must be combined together in order to have the power, money, and security that can do what states can’t do and that is provide adequate support for the needs of many people from many walks of life.

    Of course that is what America is designed to do, and it’s Constitution is what gets that done. So basically these people have actually given up on our Constitutional way of life and it’s guarantees and protections of freedom and liberty. Globalists believe they can offer more of that than one piece of paper can provide. That of course is a lie because there has never been any such thing as a benevolent government that controls dealing with the needs of everyone. It always ends up being more corrupt than and single country could become. That is why our Constitution has it’s protections and divisions of powers, so that no single group in the government could get their grubby hands on ALL the power.

    But even after all of that, I believe that Globalists are not our greatest threat, or may not even be that much of a threat. There may be individuals who have banded together in order to TAKE the country away from the people so that they can have all the power for themselves that would not include any Globalist agenda of combining countries together similar to the EU, or Bush’s North American Union. No, these people have an agenda that is more destructive to freedom and liberty than any number of Globalists or anyone else. But in order to get anything done there has to be a TOOL that they can used to free up the foundation and get it in a position that can be dealt with in such a destructive manner that there wouldn’t be any putting it back in place like it used to be. And that TOOL is Cloward-Piven used by Obama and the rest of the Socialist Democrats to TAKE our freedoms and liberties away from us because they will just say to us, “We just can’t afford to let you have those freedoms and liberties anymore.” Can’t afford it? There is no affording freedom and liberty, you either have it or you don’t.

    And in the hands of Obama and the Socialists who see that everything in this country belongs to them, and is for the taking, the use of a extreme form of Cloward-Piven is what is needed here to do the taking. And yeah, we will resist, but the left have used their unConstitutional power to create the forms of a Fascist police state to enforce the lefts use of unConstitutional laws from the courts and crooked legislators. While the police state protects the left from attack, because after all no one wants to purposely loose their livlihoods for some lost cause, or single person attack, and end up in jail or worse prison, Obama and Reid can confidentally say, “NO” and get away with it until they get things in position to pull the switch that will cause the whole country to fall. We must not let that happen!