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What Does The Pledge of Allegiance REALLY Mean?

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  1. This nation is not indivisible. The entire notion of indivisibility is anithetical to the Constitution. Secession is a fundamental right of states to withdraw from the compact that they created and agreed to if one of the parties (individual states and the federal government) breaches that contract. Quoting Lincoln is absurd in this instance, as he did more to destroy the right of freedom of association that any other president in our history.

  2. I understand we needed to say the pledghe of alliegance but why everyday? Why cant it be once a month or week? Did ourfather really thought about 1 million kids from 6-up saying this pledghe over 300 times per year? When we pledghe I think that we must pledghe by the heart not by a requirement or by force.I still do pledghes but really everyday?
    I hate pledghing my life to someone else.

    • You are not pledging your life to someone else. You are pledging your life to the United States of America. Think of all the soldiers who sacrificed their lives so you could enjoy the country you live in today. The least we all could do is to show that we honor their sacrifices and are loyal to our country.

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  4. I think that it’s a waste of time breaking down the word “to”.

  5. you are a complete idiot with access to a n online dictionary and no real opinion other than the one given to you by this country. i would explain this in further detail, that without a doubt you require because anything with any value has to be spon fed to you, but the basics are that there is no REAL point to idolizing this false symbol that means nothing. going in any further explanation would be a waste of my time

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    • I strongly agree with anonymous these ppl are fooled with this worldly beliefs but if they dont get thete is no sense in telling them theu will fpund out in the end so dont stress about.

  7. What about when the government exploits our freedoms for financial gain, I think thats more destructive then refusing to repeat an outdated piece of literature that should be in a museum. I’m not saying I don’t care about the freedoms we get in this country, I just think if we pledge ourselves individualy to this nation then the so called “representatives”(by this I mean the Wealthy Conservatives) who are in charge of everything should stop filling their Swiss Bank accounts with everyones good fortune. This nation is in the pits and its not becuase of the little guy it’s corporatism and extreme consumerism that is socializing us to be marketable zombies. I don’t believe we have justice for all, I believe it’s only for the rich 1%, I believe we could do a whole lot better.

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  9. The “Founding Fathers” were all long dead and gone when the pledge of allegiance was written by a self proclaimed socialist.

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