Want To Stimulate The Economy? Go On Food Stamps!

By | August 17, 2011

According to U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, being on food stamps is good for the economy.

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0 thoughts on “Want To Stimulate The Economy? Go On Food Stamps!

  1. Allenah Manzanagrano (twitter: @FreedomsBlsings) Post author

    This just proves what kind of people we have… .”leading”…. our country. Yes, I say that loosely. It’s no wonder this country is in the shape it is in. If we have grown adults with this mentality, how in the world can we expect the younger generation to actually get it? This is exactly what they are being taught in the public school system!

  2. Max

    This is liberal insanity-101. Listen to what this jerk said: Every $1.00 of SNAP taxpayer money generates $1.84 in terms of economic activity representing the costs of what it takes to get food to market. In other words, $1.00 of welfare to buy food is paying the $1.84 in salaries of others who package, ship, stock and sell it.

    No wonder we’re teetering on economic collapse!! These idiots use algorithms to balance budgets based on economic hypothesis, to come up with hocus pocus explanations like this.

    Now for Reality-101. Every $1.00 in SNAP benefits is stolen from the American taxpayer every time the U.S. raises the debt ceiling. It’s buying food with money that we don’t have. It would be like me mortgaging my $200K home for 10 billion dollars, just to put food on the table. And somehow, in doing so, every mortgaged dollar I spend magically creates additional money out of thin air, pumping it into the economy.

    As long as we have jerks like this, who think borrowed debt magically doubles in the welfare system, we will never get out from under the heavy rock idiots like this have put us under.

  3. Conservative J

    The craziest Idea that I ever heard. The people advocating such a stupidity need to see a doctor and really quick

  4. C. Glasl

    Ridiculous! For every tax dollar stolen from the hardworking people of this nation, some drugged out mother of twelve can sell her $1. in stamps for 50 cents apiece, and together with a blow job she can get some crack cocaine….. OR… in a sane world…. I keep my own cash, donate canned goods to the local food drives, as I do, many times each year, and people who need food get fed. The Government has no business in Charity. They don’t know how to do it right, and we all pay the toll for their ineptitude.