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The Rainbow Formula: Hollywood’s False Diversity

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  1. I find it interesting that you point out that kind doesn’t matter with Hispanics and Asians, but you don’t attach that note to Blacks.

    Then again, I guess you can’t really trace that. You’re American.

  2. EXCELLENT article!
    As you may have noticed from many of my articles, racism and race issues is one of my passions. While I am white, was raised in the South, in a town that has a reputation for being racially divided, I was raised in a home that taught me the defining lesson of race issues- “Judge a person by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.”

    As I have written about in many articles, I have been judged as a white woman when I loved, hugged and kissed my very first children (foster children)- who were black. One old white man was so beside himself he could not eat his meal without snorting every few seconds! Evidently he took issue with the fact that I had no problem actually loving these innocent little black beauties (no double entendre comments- these two little boys still hold a very special place in my heart, and I will forever be grateful to have been a part of their beautiful little lives, no matter the color of their skin!)
    My husband and I are both very light complected- ok, let me be honest- we are both very red toned, we are so white. He is of English, Irish and Comanche descent, I am of Irish, German and Cherokee descent. Unfortunately, neither of us were blessed with the outward appearance of our Indian heritage (sorry, I cannot be politically correct! I am PROUD to be an Indian, and have been known to go on the warpath on more than one occasion! ). Instead, we have the red tone of our Irish ancestory.
    We adopted all 5 of our children through the foster care system. Being that we live in San Antonio- where Hispanics are the majority- all five of our children are Hispanic, thus, they are all dark complected. We have gotten looks many times, and comments many times. Some comments are in appreciation, some are in disgust. We love our children because they are our children, not because of or in spite of the color of their skin. These children- as with ALL children- did not have a choice in who their parents were, what race they were born into, or the circumstances of their lives. Judging them for any reason is wrong- but to judge them on the color of their skin is deplorable! Judging me on my actions is fair- judging me for loving, accepting and raising children that have a different skin color than I have is evil!
    I’m sorry for the rant- I tend to go off on a tangent on this issue, as you can tell! 🙂
    You mentioned Tyler Perry. I LOVE that man! He is the example that the Black community should hold as an example of a true hero. He is truly a man to be admired- in his own community, as a minority, as a Black man, as a business man, as an American citizen, as a citizen of the world, as an American success story… and well, I could go on and on! I love his movies as well as his TV shows. You have summed it up much better than I could ever have dreamed, not being Black myself. He does not pander to the rainbow! (I LOVE that analogy, by the way!) He is true to himself, true to his roots, true to his community, true to his culture. He produces what he knows about and he is highly successful. He does not strive to be the diverse example, he is true to what he knows- the Black community and the issues that are faced in the Black community.
    I could NEVER DREAM of being successful in writing, producing or any other part of telling a story that affects or is about the Black community. It would come of as hokey- just as it does when Hollywood tries to make it all pretty.
    Kira- it is GREAT to have you in our CDN family! I hope and pray you will be able to open the eyes of MANY people to the truth- no matter what color their skin is!